I like Brique

  1. do you? i saw a couple of pics in the action/sample color threads and on a recent eBay auction.... which i bid on. 35birkin. i practically bumrushed the seller.
    this is to make up for a very bad experience this past week i had with a fake birkin that i bought from eBay (too much drama, too much hurt to even begin to explain... but i'm getting refunded).

    so what do you think of the color? the seller said it was like autumn leaves.
  2. I love Brique in box calf. It's very warm and rich. The Kelly in this photo is Brique.

  3. Ooooh...will take pictures of my brique Gao...
  4. Nice Kelly AuthenticLux :heart:, the color Brique is growing on me
    I've seen a couple Brique in Box calf on eBay, the color is GORGEOUS !
  5. What an adorable sweet kitty! She (he?) really complements the bag! And the bag is TDF!!!
  6. Thank you!

    His name is Piseau and he absolutely and positively KNOWS he's a model. He thinks it's odd when I take photos without him in them. He's my ManDiva.:heart:
  7. LoveThatThing - I know what you mean about Brique growing on you. At first, I wasn't sure but IRL, it's just gorgeous. I haven't seen a Brique Box Birkin (say that 3Xs fast) yet. Would love to, though.
  8. is the color more orange or more red? or more brown even?
    i was just thinking the same about the kitten... especially since he's grey, i thought "hmmm, grey goes well with brique!" oh he's too cute. and that's a great photograph.
  9. Babyhart, it looks more orange tone to me.. Very nice color !

    AuthenticLux, Wooo, I didn't notice the nice little kitty there ! How adorable :love::love:!
    Here is a brique box birkin 35 offered by Sandia Exchange a reputable seller a while ago, this was a relist, she offered $5675 for BIN before the relist which ended at $5500, ebay # 300072268806

  10. Oooh, thanks for this pic! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!
  11. i believe my kelly 32 retourne is a brique in togo with PH :


    and here it is next to fuschia ostrich :

  12. so pretty pazt!!!
  13. Patz, Gorgeous bag!!!!
  14. My brique contribution... Flash and no-flash... Sorry, leather detail not available...tag indicated "unspecified" or something like that...we can only speculate...
    100_FUJI0006.JPG 100_FUJI0005.JPG