I Lied

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  1. Remember last week, when I said my collection was finished?

    I lied. But I didn't mean to.

    A Bubblegum Twiggy popped up on eBay this morning for $850. How could I resist?

    By the way, my husband is home today, and I don't want to pull out my whole collection to take family photos while he's lurking. Here's a peek at my new magenta day with the charm I purchased just for her:


    I'll unveil rest of her later.
  2. Congratulations! Bubblegum is a nice addition to your Twiggy collection.
  3. CONGRATS! I love bubblegum- can't wait to see the pics! I had a bubblegum day and I sold it (biggest bbag regret, although she has a lovely pf'er as her mommy)

    btw, somehow I knew you weren't done yet:p
  4. Ha ha ha Ronda.... :lol: - how I feel and understand you :rolleyes: !!! CONGRATS on the BG twiggy :flowers: - can't wait to see some pics ;) !!
    And I ADORE this beautiful charm on your magenta :nuts: .... it's so cute :drool: ! Thank you so much for sharing :love:
  5. Oh addicted..... :love: - I still L:heart: VE the bubblegum day :tender: - I hope you can find one again ;) fingers crossed !!
  6. ^^ liar, liar, pants on fire (lol!!!) :roflmfao:

    p.s. congrats on your new bubblegum girl :heart:
  7. Thanks, all. BTW, the charm on my magenta is made from a vintage mesh bracelet. The seller is in the process of making more and is going to send me previews. I think that's a neat idea for "recycling."
  8. Congrats on the twiggy:smile: Can't wait to see pics.

    Love the charm on your Magenta day:love:
  9. I love the charm, it's so pretty. Recyclign/repurposing antique jewelry is really cool when it's done well like that.
  10. Congrats on your two new additions! You are so good at nabbing those twiggys on eBay! :yes:
  11. You bad bad girl! That's why I like you! Congrats
  12. we all knew you were lying anyway... :p big congratulations on your new addition!!! you have an amaaaaaaazing collection!
  13. :devil: You all know me too well, I see.
  14. Bubble gum is a cute color. I used to have one in Marc JAcobs but I sold it in eBay. Start regretting that decision now.
  15. I knew it you devil. :devil: :p How could you resist.:nuts: Congrats :yahoo: Pink is a nice addition to your collection.:yes: :heart: