I Lied....My Collection Will Never Be Complete!!

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  1. [​IMG]

    I thought I was done buying ANY bags on a major ban when this baby caught my eye! A 2006 Emerald work she came with all tags mirror dustbag and in GREAT shape for only $975! I LOVE greens they are my favorite by far well check out the picture and enjoy ladies!
  2. Gorgeous, looks like she's in great shape too!!!
  3. GORGEOUS Emerald Work, CONGRATS!!!
  4. What a perfect addition to your Bal family. She is gorgeous! Congratulation!
  5. I'm a Green gal too and all I can say is wow! She's gorgeous.......congrats and enjoy her!:tup:
  6. Oh yummy! I am GREEN with envy :P
  7. very nice~!! cOngrats..

    p.s. Bag bans... work the opposite on me as well... lol.
  8. ^^
    me too! Everytime I try and start a ban, I find something that I just cant live with out! I'm better off TRYING to find a specific bag....of course then I wont be able to find anything!

    LOVE that emerald work! She's amazing! and a great deal to boot!
  9. Great price for that work. Congrats!
  10. I love emerald. great bag!!
  11. Gorgeous! Congratulations. She's like new and the leather looks fabulous.

    I too love green and my vert thyme part time is the bag I pull out most often right now.
  12. liar liar pants on fire! very nice bbag
  13. Congrats! Seems like it's brand new and chevre leather eh?:graucho: And a great price at that!
  14. OMG, the color is so vibrant!! Where did you find this beauty?!!!
  15. i love it! welcome to the emarald club! i just love the shape of an 06 work best; shorter handles but just so right as a whole. congrats!