I left my baby in the car and my mom went CRAZY!!!

  1. OK..it's not what you think! I left my NEW Coach denim signature stripe tote in the car when my mom and I took my 5 year old daughter to the pediatrician today!!!! I didnt want to take it into the dr.'s office w/ us b/c I was afraid it would get FILTHY in there w/ all the kids running around, sneezing, dirt on the floors, etc. I mean, let's face it....pediatrician's offices are NOT the cleanest places in the world!!! So, I covered it and left it in my car....my mom went NUTS!! She thought I was CRAZY to leave my bag in the car b/c I was afraid it would get dirty!!!!! Is anyone else like this! Or is it MY OCD???? I dont take my bags into restaurants or ANY places they can get dirty like that....I know...I have to get OVER it!!!! and USE my bags...not leave them in my car! But I am TERRIFIED of stains!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!! LOL
  2. I see where you're coming from about not wanting to get it dirty, but I wouldn't have left it in the car either. I probably would've carried another bag for the day.
  3. I don't like to take my best bags to some places, too, especially when I have my kids with me, but I have covered my bags in the car at times.

    I will say that this isn't the safest thing. I know people who have had their locks picked on their cars or windows smashed and thing stolen. If it's going to be a real hassle, find a cheap, kid friendly bag and take that one with you....
  4. I refuse to leave a bag in my car...one, they aren't cheap, and two, I have my life in that thing! If my purse got stolen, I'd be crushed!
  5. I can also recommend the ali hippie bag-it's a great bag for running around with kids and cross body so you don't have to take it off when taking kids to the bathroom, etc....
  6. I'm more afraid of someone breaking into my car and taking my bag than getting it dirty. I never leave my bag in the car!
  7. Now THAT's a good idea...do you know a style number? My mini van has tinted windows and I kinda "hide" my bag under the seat covered w/ a towel so it isnt visible at all...plus I have the car alarm we all have and all...I have never worried about someone breaking into my car....guess I should~! You never know! I just NEVER take my bags ANYWHERE where they can get dirty...I guess I am VERY OCD!!!!!! I need HELP!!!!!!!!!

  8. Haha, that is *really* not what your tag line would suggest. :smile: I had a mini heart attack when I read "I left my baby in the car...."

    I never EVER EVER leave my bags in my car - If I had a trunk that you couldn't see right into, I might leave it there if only for a very short time, but I have a volvo wagon so the whole thing is basically a big glass display for anything that is remotely valuable. I won't leave things in my husband's trunk either because he drives a sportscar - hello magnet for breakins and stealing!

    I agree - if I have to go somewhere nasty, like the farmers market or baby gym, I'll carry a less valuable bag, OR slip my coach inside a big canvas bag.
  9. After having recently suffered from a theft of my beloved Carly and wristlet (which were lovingly replaced) I NEVER EVER leave by bag ANYWHERE but my shoulder, my hand or my passenger seat in my car when I am in it!
  10. the one and only time I left my bag in the car, the window got smashed and the purse was stolen.
    nuff said.
  11. OK..now after hearing this...my OCD may be over...how did your Carly and wristlet get stolen??? OMG...that's HORRIBLE....but I am VERY happy to see you are OK and happy now and that they were replaced! I dont change bags everyday...I usually only change bags per season..so I am carrying the denim striped sig tote for the summer now. When I have to go into someplace that is not "clean" I usually cover it and leave it NOT visible in my mini van, and throw cash into my skinny mini keyring. I must admit...after reading your post, I am now getting over my fear of getting my bag dirty...it's a BAG! I have to get over this!!!

  12. Just get a cheap bag for running around with the kids. I have two bags from Target which were purchased specifially for this purpose.
  13. this is exactly why i dont leave anything (including change) in my car. if anything is left behind its in the truck or under the seat hidden. i keep a dust bag in the car at all times incase i need to leave it in the trunk for some insane reason.
  14. nooo! never leave the bag in the car! you are so lucky it didn't get stolen! i agree with you that i wouldn't want it to get dirty, but i'd rather have it dirty than not have it at all!
  15. TRUE!! I guess mybag wil be going EVERYplace w/ me now!!!!!! Thanks, girls for helping me w/ my OCD!