I Left Hubby For a New Man: His Name is Stephen


May 7, 2006
Yea....hubby who??? My new main squeeze is Stephen!
OMFG this bag is unreal....after picking myself up off the floor I snapped some pics!!!!
I haven't had a chance to decorate him yet (cooking dinner right now)....but I must say...he totally overshadows all those things I got on Saturday LOL I am simply in :heart:.
This bag is everything I wanted....it's handheld, shoulder, messenger bag all rolled into one! It's a wife purse (can hold a kitchen sink), but still is chic and stylish!! I am in love!

And since you know I'm addicted...I am plotting how to get a Stratus now LOL

Without further delay I present my Stephen giving you all a little strip tease:

Dum dum dee dum....

Woowoo shake that bubble wrap off baby!

Take off that box...now!!

Just a little bit more....shake it baby!

All that anticipation....lets make him turn around!!

Ohhh and he threw on a little strap...now he's showing off!!!

Modelling pics coming!