I learned THAT from my mom!!

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  1. I LOVE this quote, thank you for sharing. I will remember it. :heart:
  2. Awwww Thank you girl. She has brightened my day with it a million times... a kid coming home from being teased at school (munster tall and horrible last name blues) or an adult fed up with peeps at work.

    She's such a rock for me... oh another one of her favourites, my BROTHERS expression:

    "The only person who enjoys whistling is the person doing it"... LoL
  3. I tell my boys what my mom used to say to me...

    "Look with your EYES not your mouth!!!"
  4. My Mom always told me, "You can't love anyone if you don't love yourself first." And she told me, "Don't depend on anyone else but youself, because in the end you only have yourself." This one played a big role in my life because I wold always expect so and so to do this, or come at this time, or whatever it was. And I learned if I really wanted it done, I'll have to do it myself because only I know exactly how I want it done. And I cannot flake on myself.
  5. I HATED my mom for such a long time. Turns out we are much better in a long distance relationship. She did teach me some interesting things, though.

    - Too lazy to read the sewing machine instructions? Put a sticker over the hole and use hem-tape everywhere else.

    - Put crushed eggshells in the coffee grounds to make the cheap coffee taste less bitter.

    - The ULTIMATE pot roast recipe, which I thank her for everytime BFs parents come to dinner.

    - A soda can full of pennies is all the obedience school you need when you have an unruly dog.

    - Kittens are cute. Cats are smelly.

    - Never wear pants without back pockets. Pocketless pants make a small butt look flat and big one look bigger.

    And lastly.

    - Its not the jeans that make your ass look big. Its your fat ass thats making your ass look big. Put down the fork and run some laps before you blame your jeans for something!
  6. hahahahahahahahaha LOVE these!!!! thanks for posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. My mum taught me loads! x
  8. being a neat freak probably
  9. superstitions! "don't split between a pole, you'll have a fight" yeah, because you say that every time and we fight about it! but now i do it too. i'm also compulsive about throwing salt over my shoulder.

    if something's a good deal, buy 10. even if you don't need them, someone else will. that's not such a great habit but i always have toilet paper and cereal!

    this one isn't very pc but: when it comes right down to it, you (the mother) are responsible for your children. they are a part of you walking around outside your body....it's a bond no one else will ever have or understand. make sure you can provide for them no matter what.

    true loyalty sometimes involves telling people things they don't want to hear. say it anyway.

    love is an action verb. they don't show it? they don't feel it.

    we all need a little bit of prince charming in our lives....but what are you doing in the meantime to rescue yourself? be a practical romantic.
  11. this is so true. probably why I never felt good at anything and had such low self esteem growing up. to think you were the best, most popular, most loved, most talented, most intelligent at anything was tantamount to being conceited in my moms eyes. while I knew my mom loved me, she had a hard time showing it - she was seldom affectionate with me in actions or words. she did take good care of us though but I have come to learn a child needs much more than that. taking care of a child is a necessity. praise and affection is something people take for granted and not every child gets it from mom. punishment however was swift and easy for her to carry out. I wish I had something to contribute to this thread. she never gave me any words of wisdom but did show me how to care for loved ones and how to treat guests. my dad was another story. I got nothing but love and inspiration from him. Thank God for my dad.
    I didn't mean to bring this thread down, but after I tried to think of something she passed on to me, sadly I could not think of much. :sad: But I would like to stress how fortunate you all are to have mothers who did shower you with hugs and kisses and built up your confidence. I had to move away from my mom to find my strength and stop her from destroying my confidence any further.
    I think its wonderful and enjoy reading what you all had to say about your moms. It makes me realize that I'm not a wierdo to have wanted more from mine. I do forgive her though, just wish it could have been different.:flowers:
    enough of my yacking...lets here some more good mom stuff!
  12. Ditto! I couldn't think of one good thing my mother ever taught me. And now that we live 7000 miles apart from each other, I feel guilty that my life is going better than ever, now that she's not involved in it. However, I should remind myself of all the things she did in the past to make me want to move so far away... :crybaby:
  13. - if you know someone is rude to you or talking smack behind your back SMILE at them and never ever ever say ONE bad word about them to ANYONE, instead praise them. Think about it, the other party sits there and talks crap about you to everyone and you are singing that party's praises to everyone you know

    what is everyone going to think? Yup...that you are the super sweet one :smile: ... who cares if that ONE person is still talking ****, no one believes him/her!!! you make him/her look like the dumbass liar she is, but you urself are an angel!

    loveeeeeeeee that!
  14. in terms of 'sayings' or small bits of wisdom, the first thing that popped into my head is:

    it's better to take your time to do something well ONCE, then to have to waste time going back to fix it because you rushed!

    i'm still trying to learn how to do that!
  15. You never know unless you ask.