I learned THAT from my mom!!

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  1. I was thinking about my Mom. Just now.

    And I was thinking about allllll the great things and the little things she taught me. And how sometimes I think about things she would say, over and over and now as an adult they are words I live by.

    Like "Don't let anybody steal your joy".

    I like that one. But tonight, it was "always keep your jewelry clean!" as I was scrubbing my earrings and setting them out lol She was always SUCH a jewelry clean freak, and now I am exactly the same way. But I get constant compliments on them, and people frequently ask me if I've just had a jeweler clean them! No, just me. And I thank her softly everytime I thank someone else.

    What (nice thing!) did your mom tell you? And now all grown up, do you feel grateful sometimes? :love:
  2. I can't think of anything off of the top of my head, but I have turned into my Mother...and I love it!!!
  3. eggshells go back into the crate.
  4. I miss my mother terribley at the moment. I must call her tommorow. I am her in that I am completley neutortic and an OCD neat freak. I have so many wierd pet peeves and idiocincracies that no one understands.
  5. i saw the title of the thread and laughed. i was just thinking about this a few days ago. things we learn from our mothers truly do help us in our lives knowing or not how much it impacts our lives. i totally agree!

    "There's no excuse to ever let yourself go."
  7. Patience is a virtue!
  8. I actually wrote down a bunch of things for my Mom for Mother's day a long time ago, and framed it for her... I had just moved away from Home (1100 miles away) and I was missing her dearly! I'm so glad you posted this.. I may just have to add to it and send it to her again!
    Things my Mother Taught me
    Patience is a virtue
    Share Smiles

    Cry when you need it
    A cup of tea can cure almost anything
    Hot Chocolate with Candy Canes
    Hug many
    Bless those who cut you off on the road, they need it
    Find spirituality from within
    Distance makes the heart grow fonder
    Talk to God often
    Let Go & Let God
    “I’m your mother that’s why!”
    Always ask where your kids are & what they are doing
    When your child cries, even at 28, hugs, cuddles & kisses always help to heal!
    Choose your battles
    Packages from mom are heavenly and always smell like home!
    It’s ok to fail
    There is a reason for everything
    The love of a mother can make you feel like you are the best at everything, most popular, most loved, most talented, most intelligent, etc.!
    Beware of old men in hats driving
    There is good in everyone
    “ Because I said so, that’s why”
    Never settle for anything but the best
    A hug from Mom & the smell of Patchouli is the best feeling in the world!
  9. OMG my Mom ALWAYS taught me:

    "What goes around comes around."

    Like, it's her mantra.
  10. dang...thanks to Mom I can type fast like nobody's business, pot a plant, sew on a button, hem a pair of pants...so many lessons from her!
  11. I love my Mom, she's my best friend. :heart:

    I've learned many things from her, but the most important thing she told me is:

    "No matter what happens, stay true to yourself".
  12. I agree, Karma is a real B*TCH.
  13. Not so much my mom but my dad ( hope thats ok?)
    Do cut off your nose despite your face.
  14. Good one !
  15. :roflmfao: (my mom does this, and I usually don't, but when I do I always think of her)

    I learned so much from my mom that it's hard to think of things. But one thing she does is love her family and she always puts us first. I've learned two things from that: it's good to be selfless and think of others, but I also learned that sometimes you HAVE to put yourself first.

    Oh, and a clean house is a happy house.