I know your gonna think I'm Crazy, BUT.....

  1. I absolutely *love* the new patchwork bag. I called my local Coach store and they just got them in but cannot sell them til Friday. So, my SA told me to call Thursday evening to put it on hold. I can't decide between the small tote, the satchel, or the "tote" which is the biggest. Any thoughts on what to get? I do tend to like larger bags. Bad at decision making! Need help, I know most of you hate the pattern but for some reason it appeals to me, to each his own. LOL
    Thoughts please?
  2. All that matters is that YOU love it. It may not be a bag I want but you love it so enjoy it. I always get a tote. Which one would suit your needs better?
  3. Well, I am not a fan, but I would probably just do the wristlet, only because that may be a pattern you tire of quickly.

    BUT, it sounds like one of the totes would be perfect for you!

    Post pics of whatever you get!!
  4. Why don't you ask them to hold all 3???
  5. I would like to see it in person. I plan on looking at it Friday.
  6. Trust me, each store got a TON of these. You won't need to put it on hold :smile:
  7. Yes, please post a pic when you get it. I wouldn't mind seeing how it looks on someone.
  8. to each their own...if you like it go for it...i would get the tote myself but thats just me
  9. I want one too! :graucho:

    Does anyone know the pricing for each of the sizes?
  10. I do.... the small tote is $258, the large tote is $278 and the satchel is $285. I think the large tote is the best value for the size.
  11. Just go in there and try them all on. I'm not really a satchel girl, but you may be. You need to get what works best for you.
  12. I think having them hold one of each is a good idea. Then you can go in and try them all on! The price is so close that it isn't even a factor so it'll just depend on how you like the look of each one on you! Post pics when you get it!!!
  13. The only thing is that my SA said she thinks in the larger tote they only got one? How can that be when its a new release. If thats true she said she cannot hold it because it has to go out on the floor. I hope she's wrong.....
  14. I will definately try them all on for size and see which one I like/love better. This is gonna be fun, bad at making decisions :0(
  15. One more question, would you start using it now or wait til March? since its a Spring/Summer bag.