I know you must be sick of me and my anthra! but its her 1st night out..modeling pics

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  1. [​IMG]



    Going out my gorgeous Anthra for dinner, watch out NYC!
  2. Love the bag! It looks great on you! Hope you had good dinner. :smile:
  3. it looks great on you. Now, I want one too!!! Is it the city?
  4. I believe it is an Anthracite Work.
  5. Its stunning!:nuts: Who could get sick of looking at that beauty??? NOT ME!
  6. Love the anthra! Very gorgeous.
  7. Many congrats, it's absolutely gorgeous!
  8. Had a great dinner and drinks at the Hudson Hotel, my bag and I had a great time! Thanks EJSC55
    Thanks ladies for all your good wishes.
    HappyAngel- Handbagangel is correct, it is a anthracite work with GGH

    outside shot to see color better
  9. Your anthra. looks wonderful on you! Glad you had a great evening out!
  10. The Work looks great on you!
  11. oh... you carried the bag so well ??? How can we be sick? In fact we want more of your modelling pics to inspire our addictions LOL !:popcorn:
  12. Great photos. It looks fab on you.
  13. I will NEVER get tired of looking at you or your bag!
    You are both beautiful, and I am glad you had fun together! :biggrin:
  14. lovely! my anthracite's not made it's rounds yet. ;)
  15. I love your Anthra.;)

    Actually, seeing yours making me want one too. ;)