I know you love BVs - but would you also like this Tod's?

  1. Hey BV lovers,

    Just want to hear what my fellow BV lovers have to say to my thread (below) which I posted under the Bags thread.

    Would you get this or do you think a Campana or a Pyramid would be better off. I know this is silly, being a decision I have to made myself and only I myself really knows what I want but still I just had to come here and hear your opinions, good or bad - yes, this is how important you TPF'ers are to me! :yes:!!

    Tod's T-Tote Bag in distressed patent black... do you like it?
    what do you think of the T-Tote in distressed black patent leather? Do you like it? I would prefer not to get a black bag but the other colours come in leather which are prone to scratches. The black patent is a sold out in Singapore but the kind SAs are going to source for one. So before I confirm, I would love to hear your say on this bag. Thanks ahead for your comments.
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  2. Have you tried the pyramid on yet? I always prefer to try the bags on in person if possible. The pyramid is a really stylish bag which I prefer over this particular Tod's bag.
    Good luck in your decision making!
  3. I love most Tod's but if I were to choose between the one posted or a BV, I'd definitely go with a BV :heart: I love the campana!
  4. I love Tods :heart:. Yet somehow T-bags never really grab my fancy, maybe its the many zip pockets outside (on the smaller T-bag, looks like 3-eye alien to me, sorry). So in this case, for me, I would choose to go with a BV, esp a Pyramid (which I have been eyeing since the style came out). Having said that, between the 2, black patent is def the better choice, so much more chic. Not sure of the size but it does look like a roomy tote.
  5. Maybe it's just me...I have never seen a Tod's that called to me yet. They look too ordinary to me.:shame:
    I'll have to say BV (either a campana or pyramid) on this one, just in terms of longevity, style, workmanship, etc...etc...

    Good luck on your choice!
  6. Hey, thanks for posting.... thank you for your comments which give affirmation to my thoughts, my hesitation..... you are right and I am likely to have my order cancelled tomorrow..... it's hard to now love a non-BV after having and loving BV bags.... I was tempted as the price of Tod's was rather attractive compared to a BV, but then I know I'll not be 100% happy and would start looking at BVs again...... So, not to be silly I shall now save the money on this Tod's for my next BV.

    This is the reason why I love TPF so much.... everyone is so helpful. Thanks, :tup:
  7. Late to the thread, but :yahoo: on more funds toward your next BV!
  8. tod's make such good bags but except on few styles i'm not crazy about them i guess...
  9. I find these tods beautiful. It maybe has to do with the comparison, nothing comapres to a BV, which makes it difficult for you to choose anythingesle, let alone ask the BV family. if talking about this tods bag without the comparison, i'd say they are beautiful and stylish. but they definately dont measure up to BV!.
  10. BV all the way, I sold all my tods to fund my BV and don't regret it!
  11. I normally like the simplicity of Tods, but this bag seems a bit too utilitarian with all the pockets and zippers. I agree with shaim, on it's own this bag is quite nice, but when comparing it to a BV there would be no question which I would choose!
  12. I would recommend BV hands-down--unless you told us you were looking for an everyday work bag that you would feel comfortable throwing around (or throwing around more than a BV, anyway...).
  13. Hi

    I'm so late to post on this but I agree with the girls. Go for BV unless you want something that is for everyday that you don't have to worry about. The only thing I would say is that patent is great for winter but it may date or could possibly only be used for half of the year.

    Then again I'm very practical and boring so this is only my opinion.

    The pyramid is however a gorgeous bag.

  14. Hi ya...... don't we all speak the same BV-language, LOL !!! (no offence please).

    Funny thing is, most of the ladies on the non-BV board applauded my decision on the Tod's bag, but obviously not on the BV board and I don't blame anyone here!

    Yup, it's hard to love a non-BV when one had started appreciating BV and it's even more difficult to compare - workmanship, luxurious leather and suede! Tho's BV's price is higher, it may be a case of penny wise pound foolish as at the end of the day, I get more satisfaction and pride carrying a BV. (Just the other day, I had a gentleman running after me into the office lift.... asking me if I did buy my BV wallet in Singapore !!?? No, he's not trying to pick me up, if that's what you are thinking, tho' it would be nice if he was, what a compliment that would be !!!:girlsigh: )

    Oh, another thing (God's will), the Tod's boutique called. They are unable to source for that bag. Good, I am now definitely dropping the Tod's idea.

    So, BV here I stay for my next bag. Yeah!

    Aren't we all so in love with BV - I know I am :heart: :heart: :heart:.
  15. i like tod's bags, but i don't like the t bag.