I know you can't really answer this for me, but....

  1. I would love a Belem PM but am having trouble justifying spending $1000+ on a bag right now. So, do you think a Damier Speedy 25 will come close enough to a Belem to satisfy me? :yes:
  2. IMO, the Speedy in Damier is even prettier then the Belem.
    But as you already said, we can't really answer this for you :amuse: If you rather want the Belem, then you'll probably don't enjoy the Speedy that much.
    But the Speedy is definitely a beauty in Damier... :love:
  3. Yup, the only person that can answer this is you. I for one prefer the style of the speedy better than the belem pm, so my choice would be the speedy. But, it can be a different situation with you, and I say if the belem is your 1st choice, dont settle for less and get the speedy instead. You might regret the decision later on.

    An idea, if you live near LV or Saks, why dont you go give them a visit and play with the bags, so you can get a deeper feel on what you really want.

    Also, if you cant justify spending that much money on a brand new belem, perhaps try the eBay way to find a pre-owned one? Just a thought here :flowers:
  4. I remember reading your thread about trying on Belem at the store and really liking it. I think if you really want Belem PM, wait and save for it! Don't settle!!!;)
  5. Ditto. I agree.
  6. Virgo, I want the same bag that you do. In fact, I went and looked at it today. I have a few bags from my collection that I am not wearing that I am going to sell on eBay and then I'll be good to go. There is just something modern yet classic about that bag that I love. Don't settle!