I know ya'll are getting tired of me...

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  1. I appreciate everyone who posted pics of themselves with their speedys..here's the thing..all of ya'll are tiny little women..I am not..If any of you are maybe a little bigger ..like a size 14 or above and have a pic of you holding your speedy I sure would appreciate it..'cause jessica simpson holding a 30 is not that helpful..she's like a size 6 and so it will look ginormous on her...I hope I'm not offending anyone 'cause that is not my intention,, it's just hard for me to get an idea of proportion when all of ya'll are so cute and small and petite.:amuse: Thanks again!!
  2. Why don't you just go to the store and try it there and see which one you like.
  3. I don't own a speedy--so I don't have any pics. But whenever I look at them with my friend (she's a size 2-4 and I'm a 14), she goes for the 25 and I go for the 30.

    I do have a preference for larger bags, but I think the 25 just looks wrong on my body--sorta like I'm borrowing my little sister's purse. The 30 looks much more balanced and it's not a LARGE purse... Hope my 2 cents helped.
  4. Well I have tried it in the store..but as you know the bag starts to sag with usage and so it kind of changes its shape and size and that's what I would like to see..but thanks for the advice:P
  5. thanks wickedassin...the bag I have now is pretty big..saumur..which is about the same size as the speedy30..but then when I have the 30 in my hands it seems so small but I try to keep in mind the inevitable sag which will make the bag look bigger..right?
  6. I think the 25 would suit you fine. The 30 is so big! It is a pain to get things out of it, especially if you carry a lot.
  7. The sag will definitely add some "height" to the purse since it'll get longer... I think unless you're really petite or thin, the 25 doesn't look as good. But that's just my opinion.

    I have a MJ multi-pocket hobo and just recently I decided it just looks a little "too" small next to my body--makes me look HUGE :P So it's just something to consider...
  8. I'm a tall (5'9) size 8 and the 30 is perfect for me.. sometimes I feel like it's a little big, but I'd rather have it a little big than too small.
  9. Hi, I can't post pics now (they wouldn't be helpful anyway-> I'm very small). But I just wanted to let you know that I've got a speedy 35, and I'm short and very skinny(don't know if it's gonna help but: 1m 60 & 44 kg). I never really minded about proportion, I just wanted a large bag where I can put all my stuff in (papers, books,...).
  10. I'm size 16 and 5'3", I have the speedy 30 in the signature canvas and the black multicolore (love big bags) and they look great. You should go with what you like/love, and not worry about the size.
  11. I don't know if these pics help but this me with my mono speedy 30!;)
    indonesia 2005_01.JPG

    Indonesia 2005_02.JPG
  12. thanks sweetea..it looks plenty big once it has stuff in it...I think I will get the 30!! I can always get a 35 later..LV will never discontinue the speedy!!
  13. i'm 5'6" and a 16 and i like the 25 a lot better. it may not be as large as a 30, but the 25 is still a large bag. i tried them on at LV one time and the SA agreed - the 25, and no bigger, looked good on me. i've got one on the way to me right now, so i'll take pics when it comes, but it'll be about a week.
  14. I love it on you Sweetea! It looks perfect!