'I Know Who Killed Me'.....I just saw it!

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  1. Ok, so we went to the movies last night, and unfortunately saw this sorry ass movie!


    I did like the couple of twists they threw in there..they were very unexpected(atleast to ME), but the movie.. all in all...horrible.
  2. I figured it would be! Sorry to hear you even saw it!
  3. the previews looked like it would be a good thriller, even IF Lindsey Lohan was going to be in it. too bad it sucked.
  4. ^^Yeah I know.
    Maybe I'll just rent it when it comes out on dvd lol.
  5. You couldn't pay me to see this... well it depends on the amount :p. But seriously, I knew this movie would suck.
  6. We saw it yesterday too. My husband didn't care for it much but I liked it!
  7. I REALLY do not want to see Lindsay on a stripper pole, thank you very much.
  8. well, we all know WHO killed lilo's career, too, don't we?.....lol
  9. I suggest going to www.rottentomatos.com the day a new movie comes out because they already have all the reviews from critics in and you won't be wasting your money on crap.
  10. ^ That's what I always do. Just to make sure it's not going to suck.

    My fav movie so far recently is Knocked Up! Ugh I never laughed so hard. And I turned to RT to see how it was and I'm glad I did! LOL
  11. At the beginning of the summer, I started a topic listing movies I could NOT wait to see this summer.

    There are a couple movies on the list I don't plan on seeing any time soon because Rotten Tomatoes didn't give them very good reviews.
  12. I saw this with my younger cousin.....it was horrible! LOL! :tdown:
  13. oh well, that's a couple hours of your life you won't get back. Thanks for the info!
  14. Apparently most people just avoided this movie entirely.... i saw it had a really low box office this weekend.
  15. Was it really this bad?
    I was considering going to go see it with a few friends.. :s:shrugs: