I know whining doesn't help, but I wish the purse was available in spring colors

  1. I prefer the purse in more summery, fun, pretty colors so its sucks that it was brought back for only one spring. I think it would have been soooo gorgeous in bleu glacier, cobalt, and french blue.

    Its my own fault though as I have yet to buy a purse. If I had supported the darn shape in the first place, this might not have happened.:crybaby:
  2. I will whine with you. I love it too and I would LOVE a bleu glacier one. I wish I would have gotten a white one and maybe a rouge VIF when I had the chance. I asked my local B-bag store about them and they said they never carried them because they were 'uncomfortable'. And I assumed that was true and never even tried to find one. I would KILL to have a blue india one like First Class. ( I think it was her).
  3. i will whine with you too!!!!

    I just recently fell in love with the purse style too! It is definately more comfortable on ur shoulders verses the city!!!

    I would love the purse style in rouge VIF!
  4. well guys, they had discontinued the purse once and then introduced it again, now if many of us ask for purses at bal stores they could come up again for spring 08!
    I'm thankful for having 2 purses, I wear them more than my city!
  5. I just recently noticed the purse only to find out it was discontinued :crybaby:
    I find it has a similar look to my favorite Bbag the First only it's bigger. I'm definitely in on the whinning to BalNY! ;)
  6. We need a petition....but based on the replies to this thread, it doesn't seem like many people care besides us.
  7. I have to admit...I've thought about how gorgeous a purse would be in some of the spring colors.
  8. i've never seen the purse in real life, only in pics...such a purdy bag...too bad no longer avail at sores..sniff sniff
  9. the purse is either hated or loved... look at the "which bag was TDF but not for you thread". There are many ppl who have it right up there with the city.
  10. I :heart: this style and have 6 of them even if someone on another thread said they were "matronly" :boxing: ...just means one less person buying them... :yahoo: I would have loved a few more in the spring colors this year....I'd sign a petition to get them back in production if there was such a creature and wait to see what happens:popcorn:
  11. Please, oh, please may we see pictures of these 6 lovelies?
  12. The purse is one of my favorite styles - I have 4: [​IMG]
  13. rouge vif
  14. eggplant:[​IMG]
  15. and my favorite: