i know what i'm getting for christmas...

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  1. mainly because i filled out the order form for my husband to fax to aloha rag today.

    I am getting another box. I love my blueberry box, the size is just perfect for me, and since its getting discontinued.......I'm getting one in rouille!!!!!!!!!!!! I havent seen the color irl, but have seen some gorgeous pics on here!

    No pictures yet, but I hope its gorgeous! And I really hope my hubby hides it from me, as i do want to open it on xmas morning instead of use it until then!
  2. CONGRATS!!!! Make sure and post some pics when you get it!
  3. Congrats! I think I am going to get a box soon, just have to decide what color!

    Please post pics when you get it!
  4. Yay on a knowing that you'll be receiving a FABULOUS Christmas pressie!!! :yes: Can't wait for pics!
  5. 0o0o0 awesome!!! what a great Xmas present! :smile:
  6. I thought only the purse was being discontinued, boo hoo for you box lovers, congrats on your new box purchase!
  7. congrats msflutter!! now we'll both be opening up b-bag gifts on xmas morning!!! :yahoo:
  8. What a great Christmas present. Congratulations!! I am getting the Rouge VIF in the first for Christmas. I also filled out the order form for hubby to fax to Aloharag last Friday. It should be arriving in the mail this Wednesday.
  9. yay, msflutter! what a great xmas present!
  10. Congrats! Box is a nice & roomy size for a B bag. Can't wait to see pics.
  11. To you girls whose hubbies are getting them Bbags for Christmas:

    Do your husbands have a brother you can send my way? uncle? father? a son who likes older women?

    When I was married about a hundred years ago, my ex used to get me Precious Moments Figurines for every flippin' holiday, birthday, anniversary there was.


  12. You are so funny, Donna!:nuts:
  13. Congrats, Msflutter!! The bag sounds beautiful!:yes:

    My fiance is getting me the Black City and I am soooo excited, too. It makes Christmas even more exciting, doesn't it?:smile:

  14. I just got a '06 black City and I wear it all the time! I wear a lot of black so it's perfect! CONGRATS!!
  15. Thanks, MRG!:flowers: I can't wait!:yahoo:
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