I know we all love Chanel BUT...

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  1. Was there ever a line or style that just didn't do it for you? For me, for some reason, the expandables just don't tickle my fancy. No offense to those who do, it is a great bag, just not for me. As much as I am a Chanel addict ... can't love everything ... oh and the naked collection. Not a fan.
  2. the Cabas just doesn't appeal to me...
  3. I have the leather one ... the PVC one looked just awful when I tried it on ...
  4. I'm not a fan of the perforated leather.
  5. Do you mean on the classics?
  6. Hmm, let's see... I don't love the naked collection, bubble quilt collection (various pieces look fabulous on others, it just isn't for me :smile:), Brooklyn Cabas, and a sequin flap I saw recently at my NM (looked my an art project gone bad haha, not very "Chanel" IMO), and that's all I can think of right now! :smile:
  7. I actually thought the naked bags would make great beach bags. However to expensive to be used as one. I wish someone would just give me one :yes:. The cabas were cute at first, but started to appeal less to me as time passes.
  8. everyone on this Forum will throw stones at me, but the Reissues never did it for me.....a little too conservative, imo. Although they are beautiful. And in a bag to be carried often, I need to be able to fit more into it. But the Jumbo flap with original chain, I adore..............:p
  9. I don't love the coco cabas bags that everyone seems to love and I am another that is not a huge fan of the reissues. I much prefer the classic flaps.
  10. I haven't really ever cared for the Cabas either. I do love that there's always something that appeals to some of us and not others though.
    This is what is so fantastic about Chanel.
  11. Brooklyn tote, pocket in the city
  12. cambon.. so many fakes too!
  13. Current styles, there was one bag that TOTALLY didnt do it for me, it looked like some sort of sling! I just didnt get it. Looked like a puffy pillow.
  14. the Luxury Line, it just wasn't exciting to me.
  15. oooh, I LOVE the Luxe Ligne! LOL!