I know u guys have already seen enough of this....

  1. Finally after seeing everyone going to the preview to Fall items.. they finally are holding one in Hong Kong .. with RTW and bags.. I cant wait .. !! This is going to be my first even in HK... Anyone in TPF going tonite ?
  2. Sneak in a camera for those of us who aren't, Shopalicious!!! :graucho:
  3. Have a great time and please report back soon .....I would like know if they have any of the mono bequia bags there???
  4. Hi saw all the mono bequia bags.. I didnt take pics and dont have to sneak in a camera I should be able to show everyone better pics in this week.. My SA promised that he will take better pics for me @ the back !! So I might go picked the pics up today or tomorrow !!

    I was abt to picked up my lockit mirror but it didnt come in:crybaby:as they promised so they refund my money .... .. now I am trying to hunt for one going to call the SA in SF tonite.. hopefully there is still one out there !!

    Hee.. I hope my bf didnt read this I have confirmed that I want both the mirage speedies.. and the motards pochette and the bikers!! ( I am only going to keep the pochette and the bikers are for my future mother in law and my mom as gifts.. they are a little pricy in my opinion cant justify getting something so much for myself.. honestly I would rather get something from somewhere else)

    Ok.. they have all LE bags this season for sale.. I picked up an Stratus in beige.. they are all out of the Ecru...and a multimonogram heart !!! I started falling in love with mutimonogram this is my first ever piece.. !! I will take pics and show everyone later !!
  5. Have a great time and report back!
  6. Enjoy!!!!
  7. Congratulations.
  8. Went to the LV event tonite and bought myself a stratus pm in beige ( I actually like the ecru better but they are already all out so I just go ahead and get this .. I am in love with the leather, cant wait to see the Nimbuses ) and a multicolor heart purse:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:


    I dont know what happen but I think I have been bitten by the LV LE bug... I ordered 6 bags : The 2 Degarde speedies, a bequia leather horizontal, motard pochette and 2 bikers.. wasnt really into Thunder and storm (Is it what they called??)

    I know u guys have already seen enough of this but here are the pics of my purchase !!
    CIMG1563.JPG Muticolorheart.jpg stratustag.jpg
  9. What fun!!
  10. Gorgeous!!! Love both pieces!!
  11. Congrats on the new pieces! :biggrin:
  12. Nice :nuts: Love it :tup:
  13. Gorgeous :love: I love both of your purchases! Congrats!
  14. congrats on your new babies love them !!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
  15. I hope you have a wonderful time. I know I had a great time at mine.