I know TMI but.....

  1. My breasts are killing me!
    I have no idea what is going on. For like a week now they are so sore and tender it hurts to put a bra on. I'm not pmsing or preggers. So what is up? Does anyone else get this? For anyone who has had babies that they have not breast fed, it feels like when you are drying up!
    Anyone? Help!!!:crybaby:
  2. I had this happen to me a few months ago. I think it's from my bc pills. They were super tender, and had actually increased in size by at least a half cup. I'm not sure why it happened, but they're back to normal now. I think it had to do with stress and hormones. :confused1:
  3. While it's usually a PMS thing, it's really not unusual to have that miserable ache at any time during the month. Sometimes your hormones just get out of whack and there you go. :push:

  4. I agree with you. Mine are starting to get more and more screwy!!
  5. Well I'm not on b/c. So lets hope it stress from work and hormones. This is getting crazy!
  6. I've had this before. It really sucks and you start remembering all the good times where your breasts never felt a pain in the world.. aha.
  7. I think the worst thing about this little "phenomenon" is when you're driving along and come to a street with pot holes......lots of pot holes!!! :push:
  8. Last winter I had this same thing happen and my doctor asked I had increased my caffeine consumption. sure enough, I had been chugging coffee like it was water. If you've been drinking a lot of extra caffeine lately maybe that's causing it. Good luck, and try sleeping on your back if you can!!!
  9. All I know is that when I turned 25 and again at 30, my hormones went all nutty on me. If you're not pregnant and it's not PMS, then maybe it's just that your body is changing due to age, diet, etc.
  10. I was never one of those people who would get major PMS, but I noticed that I would sometimes have really sore breasts just days before my period. This seems to be pretty common for a lot of women.
  11. I had some breast pain and it was only in the left breast. I asked my doctor and she said sometimes you just get breast pain, and it can happen only on one side. She said hormones and caffiene consumption can be causes but wasn't worried about it.
  12. i would recommend evening primrose oil. it's a nice plant extract that is good for fatty tissue (like your breasts). i am having a similar problem and my doctor recommended this to me so i am trying it out. can't hurt!
  13. coffee eh? Maybe I should lay off the Tim's and Starbucks for a little while:sad:
    They still hurt but not as much as they did, craziest thing ever-If this is what I have to look forward to as I get older I don't want it!
  14. mine do that when they grow. my boobies tend to go up and down a LOT (like full cup sizes) and when they do, theyre sore. for me, pmsing includes nipple tenderness too. but the sore boobie thing happens at all times of the month. i think it mite actually follow my ovulation cycle :confused1: either way, i feel ur pain, and im at that point now too. i got a hug before and it hurt!
  15. I hate this. It's been a problem of mine for most of my adulthood. The doctors agree it's nothing for me to worry about, but OMG! I hate it. I feel like a cow that needs to be milked!

    Nothing has ever helped and I enjoy the days when I don't "notice" them.