I know this sounds extremely snotty and materialistic..

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  1. But I LOOOVE the fact that I can pick and choose among fab and cute bags every morning .. :yahoo:

    (And yes I am aware that there is people in need of food, safety and homes outthere..:sad: )
  2. Me too :nuts:
  3. Nothing snotty about it!
  4. i don't find that snotty at all. it's ok to enjoy the things you have!
  5. To be able to wake up and have the freedom to choose anything from the kind of coffee you brew, the breakfast you eat, the clothes you wear, or the handbag you carry is awesome. Oh and don't forget the smile:smile:
  6. Well said!
  7. Thanks girls :yes:

    A great weekend to you all!!
  8. I dont think there is anything wrong with enjoying something that u truly admire and love. :smile:
  9. Not snotty at all. I am the same way. Enjoy all your great handbags.
  10. I don't think so either. I get a little lift when I pick up one of my bags in the morning. I work so hard, and it's one of those guilty pleasures!
  11. I don't think there is anything at all snotty about that.

    If you work hard for what you have - you should not feel bad about enjoying it :smile:
  12. I enjoy the same thing. I don't think it's snotty. Everyone has their "thing" and bags are ours! Have a wonderful weekend to you too.
  13. Not snotty at all, and it sounds like you have an appreciation that others are not so fortunate. :sad: You are grateful for what you have....:flowers:
  14. I agree! I think we can all relate!!! You know we all are bag enthusiasts. :biggrin: yay!
  15. I hear you. I also like to donate money to our local Ballet company. I love ballet and danced it for 14 years. I always feel goofy, like "I should have given more to my church instead, or to a homeless shelter." But I do love ballet. And my purses.