I know this isn't a handbag but anyone who knows about chanel jackets please help

  1. Does anyone know anything about this? the woman I am selling it for, is currently looking for the receipt, she remembers it being around $2,700, and remembers that very few of them were made, very limited.

    Does anyone else have any info on it? like, the name or style? I really know very very little about Chanel clothing..

    Any help would be appriciated:

    the photos are attached
    DSC02273.JPG DSC02274.JPG DSC02275.JPG
  2. From the tag it's from Spring/Summer 2007 collection. You can call the Chanel 800# (800-550-0005) and provide to them the style code P31153 V20636 and they'll be able to give you more information, such as price etc.

  3. oh yeah! Eva Longoria wore that dress last year! So cute!
  4. OH wow! thanks guys!
  5. Such a dumb question, but how do you determine what it is from the spring/summer collection, Mon? I see 07P. So "P" = spring/summer? I was expecting "07A" for autumn, "07C" for cruise, and "07S" for spring/summer. Obviously, I have no idea what I'm talking about. LOL. I love that jacket btw.

  6. P for printemps, Spring in French
    High school French comes in handy sometimes