I know this is un-purse related...

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  1. But has anyone been to the Bath and Body Works or Vickie's Secret sale?!!!!:nuts:
    (I have!):biggrin:
  2. No, none of those here :sad:
  3. I need to go, I love B&B and could always use new bras!
  4. you know you can purchase the sale items online also?
  5. i love bath and body work sales, but i never find anything on sale at victoria's secret except some makeup sometimes
  6. I ordered the second day the online sale began. I love undie shopping!
  7. Ha! I do have a B&BW and VS and I love them both! Great time to stock up.
  8. I love the IPEX bra; it really does the trick! I paid full price $44 a pop for the nuetral colors, then picked up a few more for only $24 in the funky colors. It is worth the time to stop in if you are a fan of their bras.
  9. I need new bras badly! But I hate going in and trying them on. I'm so picky and it makes it a huge process that's nothing but a pain :suspiciou Love Bath and Body Works, I use their Brown Sugar & Fig body wash :love:
  10. i ordered some vs stuff as soon as the sale started, some ipex bras, bbv undies and some pj bottoms. love the ipex! highly recommend. bbw doesn't ship to canada..wish i could order it online. usually just stock up when i go to the states. my linen closet is full of their hand soaps. i like that they're carrying jaqua now, love the buttercream frosting stuff, so yummy.
  11. B&BWorks has even better sales if you sign up for their e-mails. Once they were having a sale that was... I think antibacterial soaps for $7.50 each or something, but I had an e-mail coupon for 5 for $20.
  12. AH MAN! Whats up w/where u live? Do they even have a Body Shop?
  13. Yeah I am on their home mail list and I just used my 20% sign up coupon. Aint life grand? (i love your siggie too- Isaac's super funny!)
  14. Dont even get me started on Jacqua! Sephoras and ULTA got it 2.:nuts:

  15. LOVE IT! I like the scent of that lotion!:nuts: