I know this is probably fake but should I still buy it

  1. I have a real mono Koala wallet and some how when I was in Vegas last weekend I lost the dust cover for it. Yes, I like to keep it in the dust cover to keep the buckle from getting to scratched up.

    What do you guys think? I would normally never consider buying anything on eBay but do you think this is okay?

    Here is the link

  2. You can go to LV and get another dustcover for your wallet, if you lost the original
  3. sure, go for it. or maybe do you know an s/a that would give you one if you bring your agenda in and explain you don't have one?
  4. Oh really I thought they did not give out replacement dust covers or boxes. I don't have a regular SA I normally deal with.
  5. I think he sells real dustbags actually! I bought a small one from him for my baby damier papillon and it's identical in texture and writing as to the ones I got from eluxury with my bags. I think I paid $12 for the one I bought and it's a perfect fit. I would recommend the seller based on my experience.
  6. just go to the store and ask if they can give you a new one.

  7. VERY COOL... Thanks... I just assumed it was going to be fake. I hope I was wrong. Either way as long as it protects my wallet that is all that matters really.
  8. Hmm looks real. But i guess you can't really tell with dust covers!
    But i think you can ask LV for another one like someone above said,
    It's worth a try!
  9. Tell us how it turns out.
  10. I didn't know this.. do you need to have an established SA and they do this for you as a favor? or any random SA will do?
  11. I just called one of my many local stores and spoke to a VERY nice SA and at first she was like no we do not have any extras. Then I mentioned that my DH will be coming in to buy me a new purse in 2 weeks for our Anniversary (at least he better be). Then she said she would call other stores and try to locate one for me.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    I will let you know what happens.
  12. i think you can get a free replacement at your boutique.

  13. I just located the email from the seller. I def. bought from them. There is no diff. in their dust bag as compared to my others that all came directly from LV. Only my damier baby pap is my eBay purchase. Although that will change soon when I purchase my next bag in a month. Gl and enjoy your new goodies when you get them! I want a koala wallet too, it's my favorite of all the wallets bec. of the clasp.
  14. I'd just go to the store to ask for another one from your SA.
    Dustbags, boxes, etc. aren't really supposed to be sold on eBay anyway, but they don't do much to stop them.

  15. That's true. It makes it easier for the fakers to make something look more authentic. I wince when I see the boxes for sale. I am kinda happy though I got an LV dustbag for that mini papillon since I never wear it, it's safe and sound in a cool looking dustbag. I don't think I ever wrote you back but in my head I did, lol. In response to your getting the red anchor, I wanted to say my teal anchor is my favorite of all my primp and so of course I almost never wear it. I'm that way when I love something I avoid it, lol. I plan on wearing it again though. And glad to hear that seller doesn't sell seconds!