i know this is probably a dumb question...

  1. but do they even make fake Jansport backpacks? haha its the ONLY backpack brand i like/trust... i would not be able to tolerate it if i got a fake one! (i bought mine from eBay a year ago) just wondering though, thanks a lot.

    ps. sorry if i posted this at the wrong place... lol i didnt know where else to ask and i know jansport isnt a "designer brand" but ive always wondered... thanks again!
  2. Not a dumb question. I like Jansport backpacks too. For this kind of an item, though, you're probably best off getting one at retail. I bought my last one at Mervyn's, and I think it was about $25-30.
  3. yeah.. i was thinking of bringing in my backpack for an auth check... can i do that at any department store or whatever? i mean i got mine from eBay a while back (two summers ago) and i think it even had the tag and the soft waffle keychain thing (it was from the airlift line.. i think thats what its called) so i doubt its fake but just in case!