i know this is not original but ...

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  1. I'm loving this forum! i love that its full (mostly) of like minded gals who are so kind and accepting, i love that it allows me to retreat from my stressful job (maybe a bit too much :angel:) and i love that its run by really fair people.

    Ive been on a few boards (mostly related to makeupalley) and the mods/admins can be REALLY harsh and very unfair .. almost like bullying or some sort of power trip.

    Anyways, thats all i wanted to say - thank you for this site, for letting me be totally indulgent about exy bags and not feel bad.

    Love you longtime

    R :heart:
  2. me love YOU longtime :biggrin:
    No really, thanks for taking time to write something kind, it's appreciated!:yes:
    I think the community as a whole makes a big difference:hugs:
  3. Thanks MJ Lover!!! We appreciate the kind words!
  4. how sweet!thanks for the kind words......it is appreciated!
  5. Your a doll and thanks for being a part of tPF!!!
  6. To add to the OP, I just wanted to say that I had my first PM experience with a mod (yay, JAG!) and it was smooth, pleasant and fantastic. It makes me feel warm and happy that tPF is managed by such great individuals!

    It really means a lot and this community is now a part of my daily life:love::flowers:
  7. hey Jill - i feel really bad about asking whether you had fake boobs in the chloe forum too! You never replied so i hope you arent offended, it just that i have no boobs and am fascinated by them! and yes! im a girl!

  8. ^:roflmfao:

  9. my fascination with boobs gets that reaction a lot :shame:
  10. MJ we have things in common...no boobs and love TPF!!!
    By the way...this forum is essential to prevent rip-offs in online purchases, I think that the authenticate section is a cut above.
    Thank you TPF!!!
  11. ha! see, TPF is bringing people together .... us gals with boob and bag obsessions :P
    and you're right - the authentication threads have saved me from being RIPPED OFF many many times.

  12. Jill's never made a secret of "Coco and Chanel" so you're fine. ;)