I know this is getting boring BUT here is my WC Speedy 35...

Crazy Bag

Loves LV
Sep 10, 2007
with greatest love from my DH.

Story goes like that, I plan to sell my patchwork and I sold it (no regrets because I think she is not really me. DISCLAIMER -- I think the patchwork speedy is so underrated because it is, well, a very interesting piece of art to me). Kept the money ;)

Still thinking of the WC and SA from Vuitton keeps calling me to take a look, take a look...Told SA I am not sure bcos it is size 35 and I have already like two big bags - Saleya MM and MC Beverly GM in Black...

Anyway, DH met me for dinner tonight to celebrate mother's day and we strolled into Vuitton (window shopping). DH always against my bag buying hobby but SA whipped out the WC speedy 35 and he said if I want it, he will pay..I said okay in a hurry without thinking..and here she is.

Now I am thinking I should have gotten the galliera (sth that I had my eyes on) cos the 35 really is big and I am 5ft2 only...What do you think? Congratulate me? :P

Since she is mine until I change my mind, I thought I will do some reference pictures..with my shoes, without my shoes.

P/s Technically I am on ban and my beverly is still considered my last bag 2008 I bought myself (HA HA :graucho:)...this is a gift, I don't consider myself breaking my ban..ke ke


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LV's and Chanel 4 Me
Oct 16, 2007
Beautiful LV! It's big, but for some reason, the size looks great on you! Love the outfit and the shoes - the whole package! I'd say... keep her! She's gorgeous!!!:love: You both look awesome!