I know this is fake ... but...

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  1. Okay I know the picture of this bag is a fake bag but I was wondering did LV even make a bag like this. I really hope not because it looks really ugly but I was just curious as I stumbled upon it.:P
  2. Can't see...:confused1:
  3. LOL I was in such shock I forgot to post the picture sorry heh. Here it is...


  4. Oh my:wtf:...*running away*
  5. Hmmm okay I take that as a they never made those bags... well that is a good thing. I just never know because I've seen bags that they really did make and though that perhaps they never did make them.:roflmfao:
  6. MY EYES!!!! *crybaby*
  7. :nogood::tdown:
  8. Ewwww....*closes eyes* peeks, is it still there?
  9. OMG those are horrible!!!!

    And for reference, the first one merged what looks like matte silver Suhali or Miroir with the Denim Cruise Cabas Raye....and the second one is just some random incarnation of the LVOE tote. :yucky:
  10. Horibble, so flashy :yucky:
  11. :tdown::wtf:
  12. ... that last one would have been rad if it was by LV and made in a better quality..

    BUT NO.
  13. Eww! WOW.. that looks SO gross!

  14. :rolleyes::roflmfao: I'm not laughing at your opinion- just the word "RAD"

    *spank me* I actually like the craziness of the second bag!!! haha!!!!!!

    I actually scrolled back UP to laugh again at the second one!!!! hahaha!!!