I know this is an OLD bag but is it possible

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  1. to find it anywhere now? Maybe even in dif. color?
    THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.:flowers:
  2. Hi LV, I am amazed at the number of people who want a bag from the "Blondie" collection! I will keep a look out for you. I know there was one on ebay but a fabulous pf member snatched it up. I have 2 Blondies but only one from this particular style. The other has a serpent on the front instead of the gold interlocking G's.
  3. Thank you so much for replying, Janice! If you even come across one on eBay that you think is authentic, please let me know!:smile:
  4. I was at the Gucci store in Manhasset, NY last week and I saw a few of the fall bags. They have the big double "G" on them. The ones I saw, however, were rounder in shape and all leather. If you cannot find that particular bag perhaps one of the fall bags will be similar. I'm sure there will be more bags in the fall than the few that I saw last week.
  5. Thank you, Kat!
  6. i'm the lucky girl who was able to find a black blondie bowler on e-bay recently :yes: ...the seller had the bag sitting in her closet & had only used it a few times...i checked e-bay religiously for one & lucked out one morning with BIN...i can help stay on the look-out for you & give you tips on how to spot the real deal :graucho:
  7. I want this bag in black, too! :nuts::love:

  8. i want it i want it :yahoo:
  9. This makes me so excited I have wanted a Blondie bag for so long and in all leather so I'm hoping that these fall offerings will be to my liking :love:
  10. i can't wait to see the new double G gucci bags either :smile:
  11. i saw one of those at a vintage store near me...it's in black. it's reaaaally pretty....the owner said she just got it in...
  12. You didn't notice the price by any chance, did you?:shame:
  13. there's one on e-bay right now that i posted in another thread :smile:...it's a little different from mine, but still gorgeous :heart:
  14. Which vintage store if you don't mind me asking :biggrin:
  15. i think she had it marked for $1100 but she always sells it for lower (well, the two bags i bought from her were lower than the marked price). it's called my inheritance in nj....she has great stuff there. i can pm you the phone # if you want...you can probably ask if she still has it.