i know this is a stupid question but....

  1. i am a newbie to this...i JUST bought my first chanel bag like two days ago...i know this question must sound so stupid to all you experts, but i was wondering HOW CAN YOU TELL A CHANEL BAG IS FAKE? i see all these threads about people spotting fake bags but are their any general guidelines to spotting fake bags??? thanks :smile: im just curious cuz i dont know how to distinguish between a fake and real bag!
  2. Well a good one for me is with the cambons, I see a lot of 'O' between the CCs. It's like the O is intertwined between the CCs. Also, with a little practice you learn the signs of fakes in general.
  3. Just spend a lot of time looking at purses and you'll get it hehe ;)
    You can always just ask and learn through asking
  4. It's pretty difficult to learn the 'rules' since there aren't many. I'd recommend spending some time in the authenticate this! thread.. look at some of the links in there and feel free to ask questions as to why a bag looks authentic or fake..
  5. ^Yep, this is how I learned!