I know this is a PURSE forum but.....

  1. Hey all, yes I realize that this is a purse forum but I need some opinions from all you Louis Vuitton fans. I'm going to Vegas in May. This is quite exciting to me. There are no LV's for 900KM (or about 600 miles) where I live so like three LV's in the same vicinity. I might pass out! Anyways I'm thinking of purchasing some Louis shoes (Multicolor Speeding Sneakers in particular). Does anybody own these? Are they worth the money? (do they wear well) What colour - black or white? Opinions and any knowledge are very helpful guys!! Thanks!:smile:
    ?????? Sorry can't get a black shoe pic.
  2. I don't own any, but they sure are hot!!! I would get them in black.
  3. ^^ITA- I prefer the black. I don't have any either, though I do have my eye on the Montreal sneaker and Lombok loafer :whistle:
  4. I dont own any either...but same as John, I would get the black one ;)
  5. Wow, these are gorgeous! White would be so striking though black would be more resistent to dirt.
  6. I'm a sneaker kind of girl..practically live in them..can't wear heals where I work. I wouldn't wear them with a flashy bag....just casual.
  7. :yes:
  8. I like a lot of LV shoes, but multicoloured sneakers are way too much for me. I'd feel like a walking advertizement.
  9. I reckon the black would look nicer although white shoes are in fashion at the moment.
  10. Also I actually saw them at my local LV in white and thought, what a nice pair of shoes...
  11. I don't really like LV sneakers... most of them look pretty tacky IMO (not meaning to offend anyone, that's just my impression :shame:smile:... if I had to chose, I'd take the white one, though.
  12. nikki--go for it if you :heart: them and they make you happy!
  13. not a fan of those im afraid. but go see it for yourself. if its love at first sight then it was meant to be. if not, they have a huge selection of sport/casual sneakers to select from.

    TIP: i'd grill the SA helping you about comfort and resillience of MC Canvas in shoes. ask the SAs from different boutiques about their opinion. i personally think i get more value with leather.