I know this is a fake but it got me wondering.....

  1. [​IMG]

    What are your thoughts on other items made from AUTHENTIC bags?

    Say someone was so crazy as to cut up their authentic Louis Vuitton bag..they then proceeded to make things like this compact. I must say I find it charming!

    Just wanted to know what ya'll think of someone who would do this to their bags...if they aren't frontin and say it is what it is then are they to be snubbed??????

  2. People can do whatever they want with their bags, but if they're selling their creations I wouldn't buy from them. They're not LV designs anymore imho.
  3. that is sold on ioffer. as is a bunch of other cute, but completely fake and completely terrorist supporting items.

    mc mirrors are cute though, if you are looking for an authentic unique item!
  4. I would think it was a big waste...to cute a bag, for something that would be just as cute in just gold?
  5. I would never buy it at all! I don't think I got that across

    it just got me wondering though because i wasn't completely disgusted and I suppose if I found a bag that was destroyed beyond belief and I could get it cheap..for my own personal fun I might end up doing something crazy like this compact.

    but no, no no...would never buy one of these online or anything else fake for that matter!

    just for personal reasons...might be fun
  6. ^^ I understand what you mean--I think it would be fun!
  7. I just don't understand it. :shrugs: I know some people enjoy being crafty, but I never see anything redone with LV bags that I would consider in good taste or be tempted to buy.
  8. :yes::yes:
  9. I would cut off my own arm before I ever got scissors near my precious little speedy!! :wtf:
  10. that they would be fing crazy...nothing more nothing less
  11. :roflmfao:

    i could never do it either unless it was a bag that was TOTALLY destroyed and only had scraps of decent leather left. Otherwise i'd carry the bag till it died!
  12. same here...!
  13. The one thing about that though is that amazingly, they do sell bolts of LV material from just about every line. So chances are, that's how this was made, not by cutting up a bag. I still wouldn't buy it, cut up bag or not.. :push:
  14. Other than the MC mirror, does LV make any type of compact/mirror? If they don't, it would nice if they would.
    I don't think I would buy someone's homemade LV item, but if someone wants to cut up an old bag and make something else out of it, that's their choice.
  15. ^^ I think that's the only one.