I know this is a bal forum but I need your opinion

  1. Hell Bal girls,

    You rearely see me in this forum as normally my collection is full of Chanels and LVs :smile: but from the latest sale I got a Bal bag and I totally love love it. Then I got another Bal city and a bubblegum twiggy from my lovely friend :p. At first I hate a little smell of leather but when I got the bubblegum bag which has been used and no any smell of leather left at all. I'm so in love with Balenciaga and I want more ......

    Anyway, I do love Chanel a lot. I have a limited budget. Now am choosing between a black balenciaga city (normally I love colorful but I have a problem with color transfer from my cloth to my balbag so I decide I want black) and Chanel Flap in Pink with new chain (which is 1,295 GBP I think). I have no idea how much the city bag cost but I'm rather sure it would be cheaper.

    I have a few pink bag now and I never own a Classic Chanel flap bag before. If it is not a Pink flap, I might not get it as I never be a fan of flap but I think it looks cute in Pink.

    For balbag, I love the look of it. Chic but low profile. Didn't spell any icon or brand that much (in my opinion).

    Any idea? please, help me choose ;)
  2. My first thought would be to get the Black Bal Bag because of the ease of use of having it match anything.. and less maintenance. However, the pink flap from Chanel is seasonal as with all there bags.... whereas the Black Bal Bag will always be available.

    If you decided to go through with the Black Bal bag.. would you regret not getting the Chanel Pink Flap? Is this bag for everyday use or just going out?

    If it's for everyday use.. I'd definitely go with the Black Bal bag. I know I'm going back and forth in my response.. but hoped that helped a little. :okay:
  3. I couldn't have said it better.
    If you budget one high-end bag per year - get the pink Chanel now and get the black City next year.
    The City will be there for you, the Chanel might not be.
    Whatever you decide - happy shopping and enjoy your new purchase! :tup:
  4. I love the idea of a bal Black city as an everyday bag and a Chanel Flap as an evening bag. Get one now, the other later!
  5. Yes, I'm also for getting the Chanel now and Bal later! If you were looking for Black, it comes out every season so no worries! It will always be readily available :smile:

    If you do get the pink Chanel, I will be looking out for it at the Chanel forum ;)
  6. i think a black city will be most appropriate for an everyday bag, and it will always be there, they're made every season.
  7. Like everyone else has said, what are you going to use it for? For an everyday bag? Or for going out? If you want an everyday use bag, I'd definitly get a black bal. But if its for special occations and you want the pink because its a limited edition color and you're worried next time you want it it won't be there, I'd go for the Chanel. HTH! GL! Let us know what you decide!
  8. i'd get the black city... but i'm completely and utterly biased, i admit it!
  9. i'm biased too but i think you should know that the black cities of 08 s/s seem to be more veiny and possibly drier. this might help to swing your decision easier? :idea:
  10. I totally agree with oogiewoogie......take all the above into consideration before buying one or the other:p

  11. I'm also biased and would choose the bal without hesitation.. but what the other girls have said is true. You can always get the black city, so if you're really wanting the chanel i'd get that now before the opportunity slips.