I know they do it but I don't know why

  1. Covered locks......

    The exotics and white bags have them but I don't know why?

    Croc, ostrich, white leathers - any others?

    (I did search..... honestly)
  2. Welllll, to protect the leathers of the bag, and also, because it is considered an "added" little luxury, on the more "pricey" items.....!!

    I LOVE them!
  5. Thanks Fleurs and GF - so if not all white bags have the covered lock then when did they start it - or was it by style?

    Are there any others - lizard perhaps?
  7. ^ me too. Bumping this 'cause I want to see if anyone else has an idea?
  8. squeeking a litte more money out or high end customers, who have to pay more for a replacement when they lose it?
  9. yup:

  10. :p:roflmfao:

    You're probably right, DQ!
  11. I think it is to protect the leather.....and probably gives them the excuse to charge and additional $500.
  12. yup. the reason is as a lot of customers love to hang the lock onto the turnkey all the time which can lead to the famous smiley. while usually is not a huge problem with textured or normal leathers (as long as the lock is not overdipped in gold which happens ins 0,001%)it can do possible damage to exotic skins.
    they started to add the cover to the white leather only a couple of years ago as the smiley could also become more evident on white leather as the metals could react with the dye (had something to do with the way they dye paint bleach )the leather for the solid white appereance
  13. ^^^And why is it that white leather always seems to mark grey or black???
  14. i am sorry do you mean the yellowing or the greying over time.
    the yellowing is a chemical reaction and is a problem every white leather faces over time

    the greying is mostly evident with clemence (if i think of the same thing like you) as microdust setlles in between the bumps and therefore leads to a duller greyer appereance. but that can normally be cleaned
  15. ^^GF was just telling me that Hermes has found a way to get around this now, the greying I mean.