I know these boots are ridiculous but...

  1. I would totally ask my boyfriend to buy them for me! Something weirdly appealing. lol But seriously, I can't see where anyone would wear them besides in the bedroom. Or maybe if you wanted to dress up as Puss in Boots. Manolo Blahniks ($1,500):

  2. :graucho: I LOVE them but they are a tad risque.:graucho: :P
  3. Hehe.. they remind me of Julia Roberts' boots when she first meets Richard Gere in Pretty Woman !

    But they're seriously come hither boots !
  4. Those are freakin sexy!
  5. I LOVE those boots and if MBs came in my size, I'd be buying them!!! :yes:
  6. love them but i think they need to be a bit tighter on top to be perfect
  7. I like them. If I had dough to spend (like Oprah dough), I would definitely rock those with a short skirt.
  8. Those are some serious CFM boots!! :graucho: WOW.
  9. I love them....they are gorgeous...and I would definetely wear them if I had $1500!!!
  10. I'm not sure I understand those!!
  11. in the 80s, I rocked boots like those. I say throw caution to the wind! Wear them at the next big party!
  12. When I saw those in the Neiman Marcus email, I was pretty excited about them. :biggrin:

    I love over-the-knee boots. I plain wear black round toe ones with white shorts. It surprisingly balances it out.
  13. Am I the only one that cant see them? :sad:
  14. I don't have a problem seeing them, but they are on the front page of NM website. At least they were a few days ago. You can check them out there.
  15. Oh wait, now there is a problem, but it was fine earlier.
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