I know these bags are nothing alike

  1. but I really need to narrow down my PCE selection and I could use some help. I love both the zoe lurex wristlet and the legacy zip top. I already have carly medium gold and sig stripe demi in punch on hold and I want to keep them. I cannot get 4 bags!!!! I want to get flip flops and a wristlet too. I have never owned a clutch and do not own a good bag for evenings out (hence the zoe). I do not own any white bags or legacy (hence the legacy zip top in white). Are either of these available "all the time" (or something similiar)? Do you consider either of these a "must have"?
  2. I am not sure on your questions but I am getting the Zoe clutch, I think that it is super cute and wonderful for going out and just running around. Sometimes I just don't feel like lugging a bag around.

    I have the Legacy Zip in whiskey and love that bag but I don't use it much. I have a medium carly and love it much more than the Legacy Zip.

    I am not much help but I would do the Zoe. Look at your last couple weeks and think about how many times you would have carried each. That should help you decide what you need. Good luck!!!
  3. I agree you need to think about how you'd use the bags. The Zoe is darling but pricey in my view for something of that size. The question in my view about the Zoe is whether that particular pattern will sell out quickly and be unavailable if you want it later. The Zoe style itself seems to reoccur so if you wanted to pick up that style again you probably could. The zip top Legacy might be something you'd use more often but that's just a guess. If you're already planning on a wristlet and the demi then you'd have something small in your lineup if you just want to run out with something smaller.