I know these are totally different, but which one?


Red or Sandstone?

  1. Sandstone City

  2. Rouge Theater Shopper

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  1. Sandstone city or Rouge Theater Shopper????

    I just got the shopper but I'm not 100% in love with it. I had a sandstone PT, and was "eh" about it - but I keep seeing the pics of it, and I recently printed the pics I took of mine when I had it, and can't help but think it's sooo versatile. I don't own any neutral bags.

  2. I voted for the Sandstone City, I bet that would be GORGEOUS..not a fan of the shopper or rouge:smile::smile: What happened to your GH hobo and your VG PT??
  3. I voted for the red, because it sounds like an amazing bag which I wouldn't like to miss out on.
  4. hmmmm... maybe you should find a different neutral that you LOVE ?? If you already had Sandstone and went "eh" I would vote No for that ...
    how about Naturel? There is a gorgeous PT on eBay right now and it belongs to a member (not mine!)
  5. sandstone city for me.
  6. I voted for the sandstone. I have both the sandstone and the rouge theatre and they are both my favorite Bbag colors, however, I don't care for the shopping. The city is a much more interesting style. Unless you are a neutral lover, you might think sandstone is boring, but once you start wearing it, I think you'll come to love its versatility and more quiet nature.
  7. I voted Rouge Theatre Shopper since I love that style and color...although since I own Sandstone...the leather and color is just gorgeous.
  8. I love RT and I really love the shopping style so that gets my vote.

    Would you be able to post pics of the RT shopper? I would love to see!!!!
  9. i am obsessed with RT, or rather trying to get one, so i would vote for the shopper just based on the color rather than the style. BUT if it's just going to sit in your closet, go for the sandstone. i've seen some amazing bags in that color (an i'm eyeing the one on eBay right now - totally fantastic bag!!)
  10. Whoa... your signature has changed alot since the last time I saw it messengerbaglover!!

    I vote for the Sandstone City!!!

    I was so-so on mine when I first received it, but then after taking it out and looking at it with my wardrobe, I decided I really liked it. THEN... after carrying it around the house and taking some modeling pics for a friend to weigh in on what she though... I fell in LOVE with it!! :love:

    I think the Sandstone is fabulous... I really like the PT on me, it just is a little too big for my typical day to day use. (Great for school or work when I get around to those...) City is perfect for day-to-day though.
  11. I'm not familiar with the styles, but I love rouge theatre so that got my vote!!
  12. I voted for sandstone because the color is so beautiful, the leather is great on almost all of them and it's such a pretty neurtral. Balenciaga keeps doing reds each season but it's been a long time since they did something close to taupe.
  13. if you're not too fond of either, i would get rid of both and pick something you really love.
  14. voting for the sandstone city. love sandstone/city vs rouge/shopper more. good luck!
  15. a good lighter colored neutral bag is the best!!