I know there's a picture somewhere but I can't find it...

  1. that shows a few different styles against each other for size reference.
    I've had to stop using my First every day as I carry too much stuff and I'm going to end up ruining it, so it's going to have to be an occasional bag instead now :crybaby:

    So what's the next size up? :smile:
  2. The next size up from the First is the City...

    This isn't the greatest comparison picture, but it shows the Oval, First, City, Day, Brief, Makeup, Money and Coin Purse.

    Family Portrait1.jpg
  3. Thank you :tup:

    Lovely collection too!
  4. what a droolworthy collection
    really nice light in the picture
  5. OMG! Is that ur collection? Gorgeous.....:smile:
  6. Wow. Nice collection.

    Ilovemybug, I just got my first City and I am surprise at how much it can hold, yesterday in addition to what I usually carry (wallet, make up bag, checkbook, cell phone) I was able to fit in my school book and notebook as well.
  7. very nice collection!
  8. Great collection! hope you dont mind me asking what specific color is the oval, the day, the green city and the 2 red cities? thanks
  9. I am interested to know the name of the Blue City and First :yes:
  10. Cheshire Cat i LOVE your collection!! what is the colour of the second bag from the left? the semi-bright blue city?? what colour is that! it's gorgeous!!!
  11. WHOA! Love your bbags Chesire Cat!!!! :love:

    Here's an old comparison picture of the first, city, and work style, hope this helps

  12. That's the one I remembered thank you! :yahoo:
    City it is then :graucho:
  13. you could always try a twiggy, its a great size !
  14. Thanks for the compliments, ladies! hatikuh, I think your picture is a GREAT comparison picture. The Work doesn't look that much bigger than a City, but those few extra inches make it way too big for me!

    For those wondering about the bags in my picture, they are (left to right, row by row).

    -Black Oval, Rouge Vermillion City, Black Day
    -Black Brief, Ink City, Grenat City, White First (recently sold for an Anthracite Twiggy!), Blue Glacier First
    -Cornflower City, Blueberry Makeup, Black Money, Sapin Coin Purse, Emerald City