I know there are a ton of "What to do in NYC" threads, but how about Brooklyn?


Jan 3, 2006
I'm going to be in New York for a few days in late December. I've been a bunch of times and I'm fairly familiar with Manhattan, but I wanted to see a bit of Brooklyn this time (which I've never been to). Anyone have any suggestions about things to see/do there?


Apr 9, 2007
Prospect park, The Brooklyn Museum, and the Botanical Gardens are all fun places, and they're all in the same area.
If you were going to come here during warm weather months, I'd have suggested Coney Island, as well.


visual rockstar
Apr 28, 2007
If you bundle up well, it's worth walking across the Brooklyn Bridge (be sure to have a camera!) for the view. For shops and cafes, Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg -- a good starting place is the Bedford stop on the L.


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There are great things to do and see in Brooklyn, possibly the most historical of all the boros of NYC.

If you're a foodie, there are great places to visit in and around Park Slope, but also further afield.

Also, if you're a beer person, don't pass up the tour of Brooklyn Brewery.

Brooklyn Bridge is definitely a Must Do.


Apr 30, 2006
I live in Park Slope and love it here! tons of shopping, good highly rated restaurants, and good bars.

We also have Prospect Park, The Brooklyn Museum, The Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. On the weekends, an excellent farmers market near the Grand Army Plaza entrance to the park. If you have kids, the Prospect Park Zoo is inside the park and there is Leffert's Homestead also inside the park that kids (adults too) can take a tour of and learn about what life was like many years ago.

Here's a link to things in the park:

Just walking around and checking out the brownstones could be nice. If you are a cemetery junkie like me and hubby-nearby is one of NY's oldest and most prominent cemetaries, Green-Wood. It is gorgeous inside with lakes and ducks and there are a lot of famous people buried there. There are usually guided tours on weekends, but, hubby and I just grab a map and wander around.

Here's a link:

And, as I said before, you can always walk along 7th Avenue and 5th Avenue and go shopping.