I know summer colors aren't even in stores yet but when will Fall 07 swatches be out?

  1. I'm dying to see what the new colors are.:girlsigh: hopefully there is a pink!
  2. Oops! I misread your post...I originally responded to S/S06 colors...

    Well, the S/S colors came out in October or November, so I guess the Fall swatches will be out April or May? Does that sound right?
  3. Glad I'm not the only twisted mind wondering this very same thing! Thanks for the post, Jem!
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  5. I cannot wait!!! I cannot say I like or will buy any of the SS07 colors so I am patiently awaiting FW07!!! OK, not so patiently!
  6. So am I correct to assume that they come out with NEW colors every six months by season?!?!?

    So far I own a Vert Gazon Day and have a Natural GH City on the way. I was going to back-track and get fall/winter colors too but now I think I should wait.

    OMG....these bags are addictive!!! :yahoo:

  7. yes. they are evil, aren't they?:roflmfao:
  8. last year the fall/winter stuff started coming out in June...i'm hoping to see some shades of pink too:smile:
  9. OH my......they ARE evil.....!! and Brilliant!!

    Oh well...since I have completely lost interest in all other handbags I'll have money to spend on my new colors. I have never been this obsessed with a handbag brand.

  10. i reallllly hope there will be some new shades. other than blue. and earth tones... feels like there were way too many blues and browns the last 2 seasons.
    (and this is coming from a girl that loves blues and neutrals.)

  11. Yea, keep logging in to tPF and you'll feed your obsession like crazy!! Every day I find something that I "ABSOLUTELY CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT!!!" :nuts:
  12. Speaking of which, I'm going crazy waiting for some of the accessories to come out in the S/S 07 colors. Does anyone know what the deadline is for pre-collection colors?
  13. I completely agree!:yes: not that I don't love the blues but I would really like to see the balenciaga color range. a true purple and a yellow would also be nice:wlae:
  14. Oh! Marigold! Wouldn't that be cool?
  15. A nice color will be a nice deep blue violet color