I know Someone here seen GA last night- *SPOILER*

  1. Greys anatomy
    :Push: I missed it ..........I heard a preview this morning on the radio. They said it was a two hour season finale. I heard someone got shot or something. I am so mad i missed it.
  2. Oh, you missed a really good episode! Tonight is the 2nd part of the 2hr season finale. The previews will show you who actually got shot so try to see it.:smile:
  3. That episode was AMAZING! Tonight is going to be unbelievable!
  4. I have to say I was VERY disappointed with Izzy last night..No Doctor would have done what she did...sorry!
  5. Yesterday's episode re-airs tonight in addition to the 2nd part of the 3 hour finale. So 3 hours of Grey's Anatomy for you.

    And I agree in thinking that Izzie was incredibly unprofessional in her actions.
  6. I woke my hubby up when I yelled OMG at 11 Pm last night! I cannot wait for tonight....I'm TIVOing 24 to watch Greys instead (normally Mondays is reserved for 24).
    Izzie was very unprofessional...wonder if she'll get her license taken away.
  7. I saw it too, and was screaming! I called my secretary at 11:00 last night to scream to her too! We were both going nuts.

    As for Izzy, welll.... I was crying hysterically. I know she definately should be fired, but I was still so saddened for her.

    How about Dr. Grey, hugging the vet at the end saying, "I love him so much"! We all knew she wasn't talking about her sick dog!

    So much went on last night, I couldn't believe it. I got onto one of those "spoiler" websites to make sure that the person who got shot doesn't die. I can't stand waiting around to find out!!
  8. Agreed! My bf was very po'ed watching it.

    I can't wait for tonight though!
  9. Man i am defintely going to watch tonight
  10. My friend cried at the end. She bawled. That was the first time I watched it. I got confused at a lot of parts but I like it a lot.
  11. OMG! I've been counting down to the second part since the first one ended last night. They're seriosly pulling out all the stops for this one. Can't wait!
  12. I could not believe Izzy either! I was screaming at the TV "NO NO NO" and with Preston- I lost it! Where are those spoiler websites??? I gotta know- someone PM me Puhleeeeeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. when are they reairing the ep from last night?? i watched it (was bawling at izzy the whole time) but i wanna watch it again!!

    i missed desperate housewives cuz of mom's day dinner. do you know if they will reair that as well?
  14. DITTO!!!! :shocked:
  15. desperate housewives...no reair. You can download it on abc.com though or also download it onto an ipod.