I know some of you are getting sick of stripteases, but...I had to...

  1. for this bag! And I promise it'll be quick! And worth the wait:heart: I actually opened it this afternoon at work, and I threw out the box it was shipped in cuz it was covered in some disgusting blue ink, so this is the 2nd actual strip tease.
    Here's 2 pics for you!
    bj birkin 001.jpg bj birkin 002.jpg
  2. pr1nc355, this better be quick.
  3. Quick, as promised! More pics...
    bj birkin 003.jpg bj birkin 004.jpg bj birkin 005.jpg bj birkin 006.jpg bj birkin 007.jpg
  4. waitin' waitin' waitin' :popcorn:

  5. Hey, sleep is overrated, right? :noworry:
  6. Blue Jean HAC ???? We want The Full Monty NOW!! LOL!
  7. Close...and since you asked, here it is!
    bj birkin 009.jpg
  8. Why isn't this baby naked yet? Nice Twilly by the by! Love that colorway!
  9. Specs: 30 cm, blue jean, togo Birkin, with gold hardware
  10. Ack! Refresh! Refresh!!
  11. ^^Well, that's gorgeous!! Is it Togo and 35 ?

    Edit: OK, I see...a 30! Congratulations. Very beautiful bag. I see why you are excited to show us.
  12. Pic? Where's the pic? Oh blast and curse my computer!!
  13. :sad:

    I can't see it! But...I'll bet it's yummy! :woohoo:
  14. Nice Jasperella on nailing the leather! Baby knows her stuff!
  15. ^^LOL, thanks, A-T-G....much too much time spent on this board and in the shop.