I know so boring..but I ordered a Lauren Conrad dress

  1. So I broke down and ordered this dress. I know it is boring, but I am a stay at home mom and I thought it would be really cute with leggings and ballet flats. I am hoping that it is expensive because it is made of a durable material!
  2. Very cute! I love her style, and her clothing line is very "her"
  3. it's cute!
  4. Its very cute! As long as its made of a good material, its a dress you can wear over and over. I had a dress similar to that and I wore it out b/c it was a little cheap dress and now Im looking for another similar.
  5. I actually love that dress except I don't know how well the bat wings would look on me.
  6. That is a really cute dress. I would totally wear it because my arms are flabby and would get hidden.
  7. That dress looks really comfy and cute! Good choice!
  8. i like her stuff. her material is very similar to Rachel Pally's.
  9. I like all 3 color choices but good pick!
  10. Very cute for spring! Great neutral color so your handbag and shoes can stand out!
  11. I really like this dress, and as I am also a SAHM, I can relate to wanting something comfy yet stylish!
  12. Where did you find this dress? I looked on ShopIntuition and didn't see it,..maybe I missed it.
  13. Very cute! I don't think it's boring at all.
  14. :tup: Very cute! I can't wait to hear your feedback on the material once it arrives.
  15. Its a cute dress and I agree, I hope it is made of durable fabric. Her ligne is really simple, liker her own style. Cute choice.