I know she means well, but . . . .

  1. So I just checked my Myspace account and I found I got a message from someone I don't know.

    It says: I like your pictures! When's the baby due? :smile:

    (I deleted it. I don't know how to respond to that!)

    Okay, first of all, I'm not pregnant, I'm just overweight.

    Second of all, even if I wanted to get pregnant, I couldn't. (My oven's fine. I just don't produce enough . . . ingredients.)

    How would you respond to something like that?
  2. Just say "Sorry I'm not. It's all me!" in a rather flip fashion.

    I actually made the blooper of saying that to my SO's ex. She must have thought I did it out of malice, but I didn't know. She glared at me and said "NO".
  3. I wouldn't respond at all...just ignore it.

    Sorry that happened...you DEF. don't look pregant to me in your avatar pic :smile:
  4. ^^^ ITA. Ignore it and don't let it affect you in any way!!!:flowers:
  5. ^^ ita - ignore.
  6. As much as I would like to say I would take the high road, I probably would say something really ignorant if I didn't know the person. Including quite a few expletives that I can't say on tpf. :shame:
  7. Write back and ask her if "half witted a-hole" looks good on her job resume.
  8. just ignore it.. some people have no class at all
  9. I would respond exactly as you did 'delete it'. I get a few emails too from myspace, and most are unappropriate, so I simply delete them. Whatever this person's reason was, she had no right to assume anything. I am sorry that this happened to you, it certainly wasn't very nice and you DO NOT look pregnant!!
  10. Sorry, skipped over the part that said you deleted it. That's fine!

    How to reply to such a question (because you asked) would depend on who was doig the asking.
  11. :yes: I wouldn't respond.
  12. ^^^ITA !! You don't even know this person so keep it that way !!
  13. That's kinda rude, even if she means well it is kinda weird that someone e-mails someone they don't know and asks about something like that... Personally, I never ask about those things unless they've actually stated that they're pregnant.
    Sorry you had to experience that :flowers:

    edit: ok, forgive my stalking, but I just checked out your myspace, and you don't look pregnant, so I guess she's just some weirdo who's after insulting you for some reason. Just ignore her and if she contacts you again, report her to myspace.
  14. Rude rude rude. Ignoring is best. Not worth your brain energy or typing energy to think or reply to.
  15. Ignore it, do not waste your time stressing out over someone so rude!