I know pashminas aren't in anymore but.....

  1. I still like them! I am trying to get a shaw made with silver embroidery and can't decide which one would look good.

    I have been debating whether I should just do embroidery on the narrow ends of the scarf only or do embroidery all over the scarf.

    Pictures courtesy of Sunrise Pashmina (I've ordered from them before, they're super nice).

    First picture is embroidery all over (I'll order it without tassels)
    Second picture is the narrow end embroidery

    01216w482h358.jpg emb03.jpg
  2. The first one is dressier. Are you going to use it for special occasions or every day wear?
  3. Personally I prefert the second one bc it can transtion from day to night gear due to the simple design :smile:
  4. I don't think they're out now:nogood:
    I actually think they're a classic, they just happened to be "in" for a short time.
    I prefer the 2nd one.
  5. i prefer the 2nd one too...

    who cares it's in or out? i think it's just how the fashion business control people to buy their stuff through the "ins and outs" section at magazines
  6. Whoa! Who sent the memo that pashimnas were out of style & why wasn't I cc'd? I LOVE THEM!
  7. Thanks for the input, everyone!

    I ended up ordering the Emparata embroidery at the narrow ends....so I can transition it from day to night. :love:
  8. Yeah I agree.
    Pashminas are always "in"...it just depends on what the designers decide to determine as "in" for the season. Just buy what you like!
  9. very pretty.

    they've never been out for me and never will be. it's way too cold where i live to let my neck go nekked!
  10. What? Pashminas will never go out of style! They are classic and elegant. I wear them often, and they really can make an outfit look more luxurious.
  11. By the way, the embroidery is very pretty.
  12. I still love my pashmina from Little India in Singapore -- hand made with beaded embroidery -- I think the only thing that really went out of style was the way people were draping them.