I know one of you got the MA Sienna...

  1. Now fess up! $415 wasn't that bad afterall...

  2. Oh Shewolfy *hiding my head in shame*
    For some stupid reason I was "testing the waters" because never in a millon years did I think my bid would win it. I was going back and forth staring at the tan Paige and the next thing I know I hit the stupid bid button for the MA sienna........AND I WAS IN SHOCK.......sooo now the Bourbon sienna that is due to be delivered tomorrow will be going up for auction (provided it isn't a trashed one that like someone else received) Honestly though....I don't want to take her from you so if you really regret not getting her let me know....
  3. He he I was seriously thinking about jumping int at the last second and bidding on it. I have been watching it all week and just loved that bag. But I restrained myself for some reason.:crybaby:

  4. Believe me I kept hitting that refresh button again and again...and I was in shock..... I expected to see someone come in at the end......:wtf:

    Shewolfy and I seem to be sooooo impulsive, we hit the button without thinking how we are going to get the money to pay for it! LOL

  5. Please!!! All is fair in love and eBay Kooba bidding!!! Don't worry about it. I've done enough damage this week. Another one will come along! That is the best looking Kooba of all I think!:heart::heart::heart:
    Please show pics once you get it!!!
  6. LOL, wasn't me...I'm the same on here as on eBay, so everyone knows when I'm bidding or won something over there!

    $415 isn't bad at all for a mint cond. Sienna, so congrats to Ms.Lizardo! :tup:
  7. Ms Lizardo, congratulations on such a fabulous find. She's a beauty.
  8. Ohhh yes! I have that disease as well, much to my hubby's dismay! I can definitely be an impulse buyer and not even consider where the money will come from. And I think eBay/online shopping are horrible places for impulse buyers like us. It is almost like an alcoholic going into a bar.:nogood:
  9. Thanks Shewolfy, Minimouse, Karenina, and Rosenpetals...she only mails out 2 days a week but she is sending it out Friday. I still think I will have to whittle my collection by a bag to compensate. Trying to save some money for vacation in Oct, and Christmas. Of course I'll be broke for vacation........but at least I'll look good with a nice Kooba on my arm ~LOL I'll definitely post pics. In fact maybe I'll do a group photo. (Karenina is right about this addiction.)