I know nothing about LV

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  1. But I've seen some monogram ones with cherry blossoms on them (I think) and I want one like that to be my first LV.
  2. Cool! They dont make those any more but you could probably buy one on ebay. Be sure to have it authenticated!
  3. I know I would never ever buy on ebay without having you guys check it out first.

    What are those ones even called so I can search??
  4. Welcome! You will say that after spending considerable time here at TPF!
  5. Anyone know what price I should expect to pay for one of these bags? Or the style name?
  6. its called cherry blossom it is a discontinued style so it will be a little tricky to get one but u can!

    which style were you looking at cuz a pochette can run you around 400-500 but this line goes up even higher in price
  7. Any style, I don't know the style name?
  8. i just did a search on ebay i typed in louis vuitton cherry blossom and different styles of the bag come up that should give you a better idea
  9. Thanks!! These will be out of my price range for awhile...but i'll stop buying jeans and save up/