I know I've procrastinated - Cambon Bowler Question

  1. I already have a cambon pochette in beige. Do you think getting a Cambon Bowler will be redundant? :blink:

    Those who own both please let me know what you think. :flowers:

    I know I should have jumped on the bandwagon a long time ago but I never thought I'd be interested in a bowler after getting my pochette. :rolleyes:

    Finally - if you see one on sale anywhere please let me know!!

    Thank you gals!! :tender:
  2. I don't know of any on sale because as far as I know, sale items are long gone. The pochette is completely different that the bowler. The bowler is much larger and can be used if you were going to need a few more items throughout the day.
  3. I guess I waited to long to react :crybaby: !!

    Do you think the style is redundant? :shame:
  4. Of course not. Those are two different styled bags. Were you thinking of the same color or different colors? Either way it would be fine if you really loved it. Maybe someone one here has seen one available on sale that is still available, but I know I haven't. I called around a bit.
  5. Well, my dream bowler color combo would be white with black CC (don't think any boutique carries it anymore). But then again, I wouldn't mind catching the sale either (beige/pink).

    Are you looking specifically for the bowler too?
  6. HEY! I was in Saks in BALA,PA yesterday picking up my DIOR bag..I saw ONE BOWLER LEFT!Pink with black cc's!It was marked down to 825 plus an additional 30%!#610-667-1550 X 258(I use DONNA)
  7. I missed the bandwagon too!! :crybaby:
  8. Hi Jill - You're the chanel hero!! I'm such a wimp!! I'm not sure if I like the pink all that much (never been much of a pink person!) :girlsigh:

    I'm so indecisive!!! :crybaby:

    PS: it's a goner.