I know it's unlikely, but if anyone sees a City in bordeaux...

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  1. I have been lusting over the bordeaux color for so long, and have not been able to find a City in that color. :sad: I know the color is from last fall, and it's unlikely there are any bags left, but if anyone sees one, could you please let me know? I'd be SO grateful!!! I know a few people found bags on Bluefly, but I've never seen them there. Our local store just recently began carrying Balenciaga, so they only receive the current colors. I've looked online as well, and so far I haven't had any luck.

    Anyway, I just thought I'd post this as a last hope of finding a bordeaux. Thanks for reading!
  2. snowwhite, I can totally sympathize; I know exactly how you feel. I have been lusting after the rouge purse for the longest time and I hope that one day I will find one for sale. MUST. HAVE. THIS. BAG.

    I'm constantly trawling eBay in hopes of finding my long lost rouge purse, so I will keep an eye out for you and I will definitely let you know if I see a Bordeaux city posted. I hope you find one soon.
  3. Thank you, angstofgumby! I'll keep my eyes open for a rouge purse for you.
  4. awww, Susan-Eric just got a bordeaux city from bluefly 2 weeks ago. I think you should keep checking back.
  5. Yes--it's true! I'm not sure any more will appear anytime soon, but the colors listed on Bluefly recently have been from that season. I scored a magenta classique from them recently as well! (not to brag or anything....) KylieReese didn't do too badly either...
  6. There's also a Bordeaux Twiggy on ebay right now. I don't know the seller. It seems to have come from Aloha Rag--maybe someone can look at the photos and give you an opinion?
  7. The twiggy on eBay is authentic. I'm not sure if snowwhite has her sights set on the city specifically though. I am personally searching high and low for the purse in rouge and am not willing to bend for any other style of bag. It's the marriage of color and style that I am specifically seeking and for me it has to be that bag in that color. snowwhite, if you are just interested in the color alone, I would say that the bordeaux twiggy is a lovely bag.

    As for the mahogany, it is somewhat similar to the bordeaux, but it has a lot more brown in it than the bordeaux does.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions--I will continue to check Bluefly and ebay.

    I saw that ebay listing, Tanja, and the color is nice, but unfortunately it's a Purse, not the City, and I really like having a shoulder strap.

    I thought of you, angstofgumby--I think you emailed the seller--I saw a question about whether it was really "rouge" because you wanted a rouge purse!

    I really appreciate the help--thank you!
  9. Thanks for thinking of me, snowwhite. I saw the mahogany purse, but that wasn't the purse that I was wondering about. I posted specifically about the mystery purse on another board. You may have seen my post there. Or, I think I might have posted about it in passing here last weekend as well.

    The purse that I was inquiring about threw me off because in photographs it looked rouge, but there were other more definitive signs that pointed towards it being bordeaux. Bordeaux and rouge are from the same season, so there was no tell-tale indication on the bag or on the date/style card that distinguished one color from the other.

    I did e-mail the seller several times. I even went so far to e-mail her pictures of my rouge first and my bordeaux twiggy to ask for her opinion on which color was closer to her purse. She didn't think her purse was as bright as my rouge but she didn't think it was nearly as dark as my bordeaux either. The whole thing was somewhat maddening.

    I desperately wanted the bag to be rouge, but my gut was telling me that it was bordeaux. Had I won the item and had it turned out to be bordeaux (which I'm 95% certain that it was), I would have had to turn right around and re-sell it on eBay. I wasn't in the mood to do that so, as much as I wanted to bid, I held off. There has to be a rouge purse out there for me somewhere.

    And there must be a bordeaux city out there for you, too!
  10. I completely understand your frustration, angstofgumby. And it sucks that the seller of that purse didn't know what color it was! (Kind of odd...)

    I sincerely hope you find your rouge purse soon! If I see one, I will most certainly let you know.
  11. Thanks, snowwhite. And ditto on the Bordeaux City.
  12. I will definetely keep my eye out for everyone!
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. Cricket doesn't update their site very often, and believe it or not, they are sold out of almost everything they have listed!!!

    I really want the City bag, but I'll check with Cricket again to see if they have anything else in that color.

    I really appreciate your taking the time to suggest this to me!