I know it's still summer but..

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  1. I can't help but to anticipate WINTER!! :yahoo: I started snowboarding just last year so my attire was not quite as on-point as I would like it to be. However, this year I am going all-out.
    The only store I really am interested in is Bench. It has relatively cheap clothing for the winter and they are quite "slick" imo. :3 What other stores/brands do you guys recommend for snowboarding?
  2. Other brands are The North Face, Marmot, Hot Chillys, Marmot, Columbia Sportswear, Isis. They are all affordable brands with a variety of snowboard clothing. In fact I am sure you could find many pieces on sale. Good Luck
  3. I think Burton has cute fashionable jackets and pants for snowboarding. Thats where mine are from (:
  4. Burton has some really great designs!

  5. i like Burton also, Roxy has some nice jackets too
  6. Special Blend jackets are fashionable and very functional. I also like the soft goods that Ride produces for women. Now's the perfect time to get last season's gear on sale as they try to move inventory for the new items. Check out Sierra Snowboard online. They have a great selection and awesome sales!

    I can't wait for boarding season myself. :biggrin:
  7. ^Ditto on SierraSnowboard!! I started snowboarding last season too, and I spent tons of money on their site because everything was at least 50% off and shipping was free (there's a minimum now for free shipping), plus the store is only an hour and a half away, so everything I bought was delivered next day.

    You can still find a lot of 2009 stuff on their site, all on sale.

    My first pair of snowboarding pants were 686, and my bf swears by that brand (my pants are very warm for the price), but it's true that Burton is the most popular and arguably the most "stylish" too. I now have two full sets of snowboarding clothing, and my advice is to make sure your jacket and pants are the same brand so they can zip into each other. I have two Burton jackets and one pair of Burton pants, and I stopped wearing my 686 pants because my Burton pants could zip into my jackets.

    Where do you snowboard? I really like winter SO much more than summer now, haha, the clothes are cuter (not just snowboarding clothes).
  8. Bench are not a snowboarding/ski/outdoors brand but a fashion brand which means they have none of the technical qualities you need for snowy climes.

    I would stick to proper outdoors brands such as North Face, Burton, Spyder