I know it's petty but it really winds me up!

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  1. This may sound pathetic so please don't think badly of me. Basically I have a friend who who wears beautiful expensive clothes and spends a fortune on them as does her mother but she always uses fake bags. I have spent a fortune on my bag collection and am very proud of it. Anyway I went out for dinnre with her and some other friends the other night and was using my red Balenciaga first. She had a fake Gucci with bamboo handles, it was obvious it was fake as the gold had all rubbed off and the end of the zip stuck out of the bag if you know what I mean.

    Anyway she was telling me how someone in Gucci commented on her bag and obviously had no idea it was fake?! She then asked if my bag was fake, I said no! and she told me her mum had a few exactly the same that were fake and you couldn't tell the difference, (this was in front of other people). This really annoyed me, I couldn't exactly say how crap I am sure hers was as I am not that rude but was she not being rude?! Also, how can you compare them when they are not even together? She also says her fake paddy is as good as my real one.

    I just don't understand why people use fake bags when they wear very expensive clothes, surely you know it is fake?! And you get far more wear out of bags than clothes. Anyway, do you think she is rude?:yes:
  2. I would tell them that although sometimes you can't tell the differences right away, at least your REAL handbags aren't supporting terrorists, sex slaves or child labor in underdeveloped countries. That should shut them up!

    There are many articles on the internet about the counterfeit handbag trade. Keep articles in your purse and give them to your friend!
  3. ^lol!!
  4. I doubt your friendship is based on what either of you wears, carries, or spends on either. So I would just try to gently steer the conversation to other topics as opposed to this one that the two of you obviously are not going to agree about.
  5. Thanks!
  6. Just tell her (and this is the truth) People who know, KNOW! Any educated fashionista can tell a fake from a real bag, especially if you LOVE the brand!
  7. Very well said!!
  8. I'm just the opposite! I put my money into my handbags and shoes (well, before my feet and back turned traitors and put me into tennis shoes and flats). Clothing trends and our body sizes change with the wind. I can't see spending a fortune on clothing for that reason. The most expensive place I shop is Ann Taylor (and usually the sales rack!).

    A well made handbag that's a classic, not too trendy style will last for ages.

    As to your "friend", I have to wonder what sort of "friend" would say something like that. I'd go friend shopping if I were you...
  9. The thing is, a really lovely, well-made, high quality bag will make any outfit stand out. There are so many perfectly nice high-street clothes out there that, with a bit of clever accessorizing, look as nice as any designer outfit. A fake bag is just undermining your designer clothing.
  10. I would have been annoyed and said something. As lorihmatthews pointed out, fakes support criminal activities and I already told that to a friend this weekend (she said it made her think about it in that light for the first time). I'm all about deals, but not at the expense of supporting illegal groups! I totally would have said something too. Luckily, none of my friends wear fakes.
  11. I think she was pretty rude and VERY annoying! :s
  12. I think she sounds unaware - unaware of the difference in quality and unaware of the consequences of her actions.

    After all, she can't help it if she can't tell the difference between a genuine and a fake Balenciaga!

    Perhaps you should offer to teach her. :biggrin:

    I also think that some people like to bait people that they know feel strongly about something! :yes:

    Don't let her teasing affect you. Let it roll over you, like water off a duck's back. :biggrin:

    BTW, do you know for sure her clothes aren't fake, too?
  13. I think your friend may be insecure when seeing your collection - I have people around me like this, they talk down nice things to feel better.... I resorted to not having a conversation or blocking it if they want to talk about this. Just don't talk handbags - well, you could of course tell her that these are illegal, and it is an exploitative industry.

    But about that - I am not condoning fakes, nor would I ever buy one, but I hope everyone is aware that companies like Nike (well known!!!!!) or H&M are not any better..... :sad:

    Anyway, yes your friend was rude - but if she feels the need to compare her stuff with yours and talk yours down.....she is just plain jealous
  14. I had a girl tell me the same thing this weekend : I have a fake and it looks the same I told her if you put it next to mine you'll see right away the difference. People that knows the brand would know it's a fake right away and she would look stupid hahahaha ! I can't believe people would say something so odviously not true, if it looked exactly the same with the same quality why would they even bother making the real ones ??
  15. Thanks guys!