I know it's only Jan. & we haven't even seen all the Spring/Summer 08 colors yet, BUT

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  1. Does anyone else feel that they're ready to see the Fall/Winter 08 colors already?
    I'm BEYOND curious of what colors we'll be courted by Balenciaga in the fall!!!!:woohoo::nuts::tpfrox:
  2. hahahhaaa, me too *sigh*
  3. I realllllyyyyy want an orange. badd

  4. totally i really want a medium to dark gray in my collection.
  5. Me too - it's sick, isn't it?
  6. it is sick Kay:hysteric: absolutely mad! i really want a gray that's between the 05'/06' gray and much lighter than the 07' plomb...am I asking for too much? i also want something between eggplant/violet and the 04' lilac...OK, I know I'm asking for too much now:choochoo:

    i'd also want to see the return of the Box, and the Giant hobo to come in RH...alright alright, I'll stop now:smile:
  7. Like the pumpkin?? *swoons*

    A girl can dream :girlsigh:

  8. I want the exact grey you're describing! I keep checking eBay and some greys are too dark, greige is too light, it's a sick addiction!

    I also really want a gorgeous caramel like the caramel of 05. I'm hoping that because the spring of 08 is a mimic of colors from 05, the fall/winter 08 will be a mimic of the f/w 05, which included a grey and caramel.

    I can wish, can't I?

    Andddd, it's not crazy, I've been wanting to know the names of the colors since November...:nuts:
  9. YES! That sounds good to me!
  10. oohhh.....maybe it's a beginning of alot more pseudo-repeating of the old seasons...ohhh..i can only dream of a repeat of the fall/winter 04' season!:love:

  11. oh...04 had a gorgeous grey color...I've all but lost hope of finding a mint condition city! here's hoping either of us is right!
  12. ITA, an orange would be gorgeous...!!!
  13. You guys crack me up! :p But I am curious too... he he!! When do you think announce the new colors/swatches?
  14. yup, yup, yup. you now the other thread of naming a bal color, mine was stormy grey. i need a medium gray like amiek said.
  15. yes yes yes!! I'm learning that spring/light colors don't do it for me- so there's no temptation with these spring 08 colors even though they're lovely. But I'm already looking forward to fall 08...what if I want ALL the colors?? Eek!! So yup, I'm already wondering about fall 08 too!